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Lesson 4

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In this lesson we're going to talk about some really fun things like color, placement, size, and also backgrounds. One thing I noticed when looking at this, if I zoom in, I can see little marks on my background where my pencil has touched the screen at some point, you probably have one or two of those. So I'm going to show you how to erase those. The first thing we need to do is go to layers. We need to get rid of our background layers. So on original, we're going to slide to the left and unlock it.

Slide to the left, delete, copy, slide to the left, delete. Then we're going to combine these three layers. And now this is what we have we have a flower that's all by itself. We're going to go to our eraser tool. And we're going to erase the marks. That's it.

That's very simple. Go to layers. I want to rename this layer as original. Slide it to the left. Duplicate, go down to original, the first original and lock it. We're going to go to the second layer.

Select the word original rename, copy. Okay, so let's turn off this original layer by By clicking the checkmark and now our flower is by itself, I am working with this color palette right now. And I really love this awkward turquoisey sort of color. I'm going to add a layer and just create a little swatch. I'll delete this in a little bit but create a little swatch because what I want to do is I want to try to match this flower color to the color in my swatch. Let me show you how to do that.

Let's go up here to the copy layer, select adjustments, hue saturation and brightness. And the top layer down here you can slide your slider to the right or the left and you can watch the color change. It's really fun saturation you can move to the right and watch the color get deeper and more saturated or to the left and watch the color dissipate from the flower. That's pretty close. So if I go back to my layers, I'm going to make sure that I'm on the copy layer. I use three fingers to swipe down copy and paste that will give me another flower.

Now I have two flowers. But I'm not going to want to for what I'm doing, I'm not going to want to flowers the same size. You can make them look different, like different flowers by using your corners here to make it smaller or Larger. And if you touch and hold this green dot, you can slide it to turn it like so. You can move your layer behind so that it looks like it's behind the big flower. Or you can leave it in front.

See this white mark right here. It's just where I've touched the screen with my pencil. Let me show you how to fix that. I'm gonna make sure I think it's on this layer. Yeah. See, it goes away when I d select the checkmark.

So I'm going to hit the Select looks like a little s up here. I'm going to draw a circle around it. three fingers down cut. You can use your eraser tool like I showed you earlier. I don't want another flower this color. So I'm going to Try an orange, maybe.

Make sure you're on the swatch palette. The layer three says layer three and try to get close to this color. Have to go back to this copy. Let's rename this copy. We did not name it. I'm gonna say orange flower.

Go to adjustments tool hue saturation and brightness. Just play with it until you see something you like. Okay, do you see that I cannot. I'm sure there's a way to do it and I just don't know how that is. I'm going to reset this And I'm going to show you a way to color this orange without using this. So this is the orange that I want.

I'm going to make sure I'm on this layer and I am I'm going to grab the color I want. Add slide, slide it to my pedals, and then I'm going to drop it in there and it'll change that. Okay, let's do a mango flower. I am going to add back. See how I changed my copy to this turquoise color. I did not mean to do that I should have made that another layer.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to select this original duplicate D select the bottom layer, slide the second layer to the left. unlock it Turn it off. We're going to rename it. Copy. We're going to go up to the one above it the turquoise flower layer, tap, rename, turquoise flower. Now I can take this one, turn it on, copy and paste.

Go back to my layers turn off copy. Let's rename this. I'm gonna make this one red flower. Go up here. Grab the bread that I want. Copy and drag down here or it can change it with my slider tool.

Let's turn off my swatch. I'm not loving this color combinations. So I think what I would like to do is add that mango color in there. I think that'll be really pretty slummy change this red one to a mango color. I like that better. And let me just play with this coral a little bit.

Not sure i think i think i like that combination. Now these are all three on different layers. We can get rid of this swatch layer, all three on different layers. So that means we can play with it. We can put it however we like. Want to move the turquoise around a little bit And this yellow and the turquoise are same placement same size, you don't want that.

So let's go to the yellow one. Let's hit our arrow key to make it a different size First, we don't want all of them the same size and let's just turn it. And another thing you can do is you can down here you can flip it, or vertically, you can flip it horizontally. I'll do both every once in a while just to make it look like different flowers without having to actually create different flowers. So now that we have colors, sizes and placement that we like. I think this is where it's really fun.

Then you can choose a color. You can let her on it. We'll have to add a layer At the very top can select that layer and move that wherever you like. You can also let's turn that layer off add a new layer, just to show you some things that you can play around with. Find a brush that you like that's fairly thick, kind of heavy. I still like this stock mana line.

I'm going to take this layer underneath the flowers underneath red flower. If you make a circle and hold it, hold your pencil it'll make a perfectly smooth line. Now I have three dots, three polka dots, if you see, see, okay, I'm just going to copy that layer by three finger swiping down, copy and paste. And I'm just going to turn it so that it looks random, randomly placed. I'll go over here to my layers and merge these two down. You just select the top layer, merge down.

Three fingers, copy, paste. Just put it so that it looks random. Merge down. three fingers, copy paste. don't really want it to look uniform or I don't you might want to You can certainly do that. three fingers down copy paste.

Have to be careful because if you see this one right here, it's not fully I might just erase that one. Okay. Again copy and paste eraser tool. And then we need one more black circle, I think right here. Maybe one right here. So see that's a fun thing that you can do.

Let's combine all those thoughts of that it's on one layer and rename it. dots. And we'll rename this one up here Hello, or whatever it is that you lettered. So these are some fun things you can do with your digitized florals. And I want to show you on the next lesson, how to make it not look so realistic. So it kind of looks like I found a picture On the internet and just cut out the picture and put it on here.

I don't always necessarily want that look. So on the next lesson we're going to talk about how to make these look a little more whimsical.

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