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The Verbal Love Potion - The Secret to Great Sex and a Loving Relationship

Learn the secret communication skills to have a great sex life and loving relationship.

The Verbal Love Potion - The Secret to Great Sex and a Loving Relationship

Learn the secret communication skills to have a great sex life and loving relationship.
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This course was designed for love, joy, and bonding.

Building relationships are something that we all learn early in life. Developing healthy relationships requires good communication. It is an essential component that keeps it going strong.

We have our own unique ways of interacting with others. Those whom we keep close to us, especially in romantic relationships, there exists an innate need to make the relationship deep and meaningful as it grows. There is a desire to give and receive love, feel accepted, feel trusted and connected and give and receive care.

The above describes an intimate relationship which following participation in this course, practice and developing the right mindset, you will achieve.

Did you know?

Sexual intercourse is one of the main components to leading a happy and healthy life. It plays a vital role in our lives as humans right from existence to development and experience. It leads to one of the greatest pleasures of being human in parenthood and is a crucial aspect of love.

Yet, most couples have today NEVER EXPERIENCED the joy of great sex. Additionally, male and female sexual disorders are on the rise! To make matters worse, fights and disagreements have become a habit complicating the relationship even further.

Little do people know that all of this can be vastly improved and in some cases avoided with mere changes in communication!

What is this course about?

This course is a practical strategy gateway for couples and individual partners to understand themselves better, learn communication skills and resolve problems in order to build and enhance love, and develop a good understanding.

This isn't just a course; it's a prescribed communication skill training system. You'll be able to very fulfilling sex life, develop an intimate relationship, and have lasting happiness.

The Verbal Love Potion is designed to empower, build a sex-positive environment to facilitate healthy communication. It also focuses on emotional understanding, is largely solution-focused and process-oriented.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Common difficulties that couples face in sexual communication (both verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Get started on how to bring up sex and talk about it
  • How to become a good listener
  • How to make requests
  • How to deal effectively with problems, conflicts and overcome impasses

The secret strategies and techniques within this system will be explained with practical examples grounded in psychology and will contain a script that you can inculcate into your own life. You will see near-immediate results and improvement in your sex life and relationship just by implementing a few of these.

With this course, you will rediscover how to fulfill one of the deepest human needs and the number one reason for longevity, and that is the need to be closely connected with someone. This course will also incorporate and develop your emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication, body language, and more.

Expect a progressive change in how you view yourself and the world around you, especially in connection with your romantic relationship that you share with your partner.

Not only will you find yourself having better sex/ sexual satisfaction and a more fulfilling relationship, but you will also develop the potential to negotiate ANY PROBLEM, so that it may not repeat itself in the future. From a union, you could have only dreamt of previously, to a relationship giving you lasting happiness for a lifetime.

About the instructors

Vikramadithya Shivaram

The King of Self-Help and Sex Guru
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Vikramadithya (Vikram for short) is a creative entrepreneur, psychologist and certified sexologist. His goal is to help inspire you become the best version of yourself, impacting your life on a deep level.

He specialises in personal development.

Life not a straightforward journey and multiple obstacles come our way. It demands focus, discipline and openness to change.

After more than 2 years of putting out videos on YouTube (Self-Help Yourself), coaching and training others regarding the unlimited power of the human mindset, Vikram's goal is to do more than just motivate. His desire is to inspire you, give you relevant skills to make lasting changes and lead a fulfilling and happy life.


His message to you:

"Expect nothing less that the complete truth from me. I derive my teaching expertise from a strong passion to teach as well as help others achieve what they set out for. Taking my courses, expect yourself to get inspired and start acting. Moreover, you'll get practical strategies that you can start implementing in your life and make changes a reality. Remember, the journey of self-help starts and stops with you. I can give you the best advice in the world, but it's up to you to use it and use it wisely. Allow me to share my knowledge and expertise with you, and I promise you won't regret it".

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