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Empathy-Based Copywriting: Crafting Content that Engages Deeper

Learn how to craft content that engages with consumers on a deeper level, and is more accessible across multiple demographics.

Empathy-Based Copywriting: Crafting Content that Engages Deeper

Learn how to craft content that engages with consumers on a deeper level, and is more accessible across multiple demographics.
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About the Class

Hi, my name is Paul Adler, and welcome to my class. This course is on copywriting in the age of digital media, and how to utilize the consumer's perspective in crafting content. After taking it, you'll be able to write copy that engages with consumers on a more effective and deeper level than most content out there these days.

You'll also be able to make your content more accessible across multiple demographics, which is crucial to any copywriter who wants to be successful. Since we live amongst a sea of media and digital communications, a lot of content can become lost in the shuffle, especially on a consumer level. In order to engage with customers more effectively, a copywriter must be able to differentiate his or her content.

Looking at things from a customer's perspective is one of, if not the most, important things you can do as a copywriter. This class will be able to teach you how to do this by analyzing and showing how to use a skill known as cognitive empathy on a content writing level, as well as factoring in the concept known as market segmentation.

I'll also teach you how to utilize the combination of "utility, inspiration, and empathy," as well as aspects of human psychology. Being a huge film fan, I'll also show you certain movie clips that reiterate and clarify these concepts, as well as real-world examples of copy and ad campaigns that show how these assorted skills are utilized. Finally, I'll ask you to craft an assignment where you write up copywriting samples for specific customers and demographics. Welcome to my class. I hope it aids you in your copywriting journey.


Paul Adler

Copywriter, Teacher, and Author
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Hello, my name is Paul Adler. I grew up in South Jersey and attended Villanova University, where I graduated with a B.A. in liberal arts with a concentration in international relations. There, I also did volunteer tutoring in their Scholar-Practitioner Program. While at Villanova, I studied abroad during my junior year in New Delhi, where I...

Class Requirements

  • Students must have internet access so that they are able to view web and YouTube links.
  • They must also have access to Microsoft word, pages, or another type of word processor program that allows them to type so that they are able to complete a project at the end of the class.

What's Included

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 52 minutes
8 Videos
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