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NEET and AIIMS Success Coaching

Learn the self-study methods for competitive exam preparation.

NEET and AIIMS Success Coaching

Learn the self-study methods for competitive exam preparation.
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What's included in the class?

 31 video lessons
 11 documents

About the Class

This course will help NEET aspirants get into dream college 'joyfully, stress-free and successfully'.

We see that most students don't know what it takes to do well in highly competitive exams such as NEET and AIIMS. As a result, they struggle significantly during their preparation journey even after spending 10-15 hrs each day for 2-3 years and investing lakhs of rupees on it. The return that they get at the end is a Tier 2/Tier 3 college with really high fees and sub-par career opportunities.

Even though this is not the end of life, but don't you want to get a great ROI on the investment that you make for your competitive exam preparation. This return will be in terms of getting into a premier institute, great peer and alumni group, good campus life and academics, world-class career opportunities, dynamic life, peace of mind, happiness and joy.

If you want to get into your dream medical college, you should know ‘what to study’ and 'how to study’. Unfortunately, coachings don’t teach you ‘how to study’, they only teach you ‘what to study’. Learning ‘how to study’ is key to excelling in NEET and AIIMs because without it you wouldn’t know whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Hard work in the wrong direction doesn’t lead to success. For success, you need to work hard and also in the right direction.

This course provides you the right direction during NEET preparation. It is designed by Rohit Kakkar (AIR 1299 in JEE’11, IIT Kanpur Alumnus, success coach and founder of MindLarity). This course saves you a lot of time, effort and energy wasted while figuring out the right methods. It also saves you lakhs of rupees because if applied properly, this course guarantees success.

Our success coaching students are getting following measurable results in their preparation journey on a regular basis:

  • Increment in daily focused self-study hours to at least 6 in just 3 months
  • Strong concepts
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Good exam scores and rank
  • Clarity, happiness, and joy

Do you want these results as well?

If yes, check out our 5 hrs online course by subscribing to it.

Class Contents

Class Authors

Rohit Kakkar

Helping JEE and NEET Aspirants get into their dream college 'Joyfully, Stress Free and Successfully' | Focused in Human Wellbeing
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Rohit secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 1299 in JEE Advanced, 2011. He prepared for the exam from his hometown Agra & cleared it in first attempt. Now he helps students get into their dream college without any uncertainity or stress. He also works with Corporate Employees & Business people to help them achieve their goals by making them more...
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