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Calm the Mind in 1 Minute

Learn quick and easy meditation to effectively relax the mind.

Calm the Mind in 1 Minute

Learn quick and easy meditation to effectively relax the mind.
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Meditation for Busy People

This meditation practice is designed for busy people. Busy people often do not have time on their hands to meditate for long periods of time. At the same time, they want to experience the calming benefits of meditation.

Although this meditation is only 1 minute long, it will allow you to cease all thoughts within. This way, you can experience more profound peace - a truly powerful and unique technique! 

  • It is excellent for people who wish to sleep at night without rolling in bed with unnecessary thoughts.
  • It is excellent for people who are preparing for an interview or a presentation.
  • It is a great technique to start the day with!

Meditation that works with the mind

It's hard to stop the mind from thinking, from worrying about problems in life, from dwelling in negativities or needless inner conversations.

Whenever we try to go against the mind, it will prove futile!

This Meditation is unique in that it works with the mind.

Thousands of people use it with excellent results. Try it and experience the peace within!

About the instructors

Jonny Liu

Creator of Creation Within Creation
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Jonny John Liu's courses focuses on developing greater happiness in life through transforming and releasing unhappiness.

"True happiness can only be experienced when we address the cause of our unhappiness, and such a journey is a journey of self-discovery and transformation."

His unique teachings focuses on the students becoming their own teacher, and uses techniques to guide students to develop knowledge from their own experience, so they can self-realize the mysteries of The Mind / The Self. 

He frequently publishes his writings on the website Creation Within Creation



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