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Photography: Lightroom Digital Workflow

Struggle to choose your best photos? Stress about deleting your worst? This course will teach you confidence to do both.

Photography: Lightroom Digital Workflow

Struggle to choose your best photos? Stress about deleting your worst? This course will teach you confidence to do both.
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About the Class

Photographer Kevin Landwer-Johan teaches the digital workflow he has developed over many years to give you the confidence to choose your best photos and to identify the ones you will never use.

Using Adobe Lightroom he walks you carefully through the processes of:

  • Importing your photos,

  • Basic keywording

  • Familiarizing yourself with the software interface

  • Culling your photos

  • Comparing and choosing your best photos

  • Refining the selection method

  • Finalize your selection

  • Applying basic balancing an editing

  • The use of presets.

Also included is teaching about using beginners set of keyboard shortcuts. Lightroom contains so many keyboard shortcuts it can be overwhelming to know where to start, so Kevin has introduced the ones he uses the most frequently to give you an excellent foundation to build on.

This course teaches the essentials of the workflow Kevin has developed over many years, beginning in the 1980s when he first started working in the newspaper photography department. He understands the difficulty many people have in recognizing and selecting their own best images and so clearly teaches you how to overcome this difficulty.


Kevin Landwer-Johan

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Kevin Landwer-Johan is a professional photographer, photography teacher and author. He began his career in newspaper photography in the late 1980s and has freelanced covering many different genres of photography ever since. He prefers photographing portraits and documentary style. You can visit his website here.

Class Requirements

  1. Have a camera! (even a phone cam will do)
  2. Have a computer with Image Management Software installed (preferably Adobe Lightroom. If you do not have Lightroom you will find some benefits as I am mostly teaching about the workflow involved in selecting your best photos.)

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes
12 Videos
7 Documents
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