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If you're an expecting mom, this course will help you prepare for your baby and postpartum practically. 

Despite all the pregnancy advice and info out there, there are so many things people don't tell you. And while a lot of the information you find may be helpful, it doesn't always provide a reasonable plan for how or when to use it in pregnancy. 

This course is designed as a logical guide to help you navigate successfully through your pregnancy. It helps you to make the most important decisions and preparations, and also provides a general timeline of when to do certain things. This course can save you time and prevent unnecessary stress.

With a total of 10 sections and 27 lessons, just some of the things you'll take away from this course:

  1. common medical appointments & testing in each trimester
  2. things to do during each trimester
  3. tips for being mentally prepared during pregnancy
  4. employment and maternity leave decisions and preparations to consider
  5. the role of your birth partner throughout pregnancy
  6. practical suggestions for dealing with pregnancy symptoms
  7. tips for saving money during pregnancy
  8. a complete list of baby items you'll need for the first few months 
  9. tips for doing a baby registry
  10. baby shower planning tips
  11. things to include in a birth plan
  12. tips for choosing your delivery location
  13. how to find a good birth class
  14. what to prepare before leaving for the hospital
  15. postpartum tips
  16. an additional bonus lesson on things you can do if your baby won't stop crying

This course includes the following PDF's you can print out and download:

  1. A workbook for each trimester
  2. Saving Money Workbook
  3. Baby Registry Workbook
  4. Baby Items I Need- Baby Essentials Checklist
  5. The Baby Gift List Tracker
  6. Baby Shower Planner Workbook
  7. 2 sample birth plans
  8. Birth Plan Workbook
  9. Maternity Tour Questions
  10. Where I'm Giving Birth Workbook
  11. Find a Good Birth Class PDF
  12. Postpartum Reminders PDF
  13. When Baby Won't Stop Crying Cheat Sheet


This class is designed for women who are currently pregnant, to help them practically prepare for their baby, from the start of pregnancy through their postpartum experience. There is also a bonus section on ways to get a baby to stop crying.

Women who want to have a baby but aren't pregnant yet may find the lessons interesting, but most of the information will not be applicable until pregnancy.

About the instructors

Ellie Walker

Course Instructor, Founder of House Gone Sane
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I'm the founder of House Gone Sane, a website & business dedicated to making home a little less crazy for moms and moms-to-be.

As a mom and stepmom of 4 kids total, I love to help other moms and expecting moms save time, stress, and money by sharing ways to make pregnancy and mom life easier. 

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