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Beginner's Guide to Fabric Printing: Create Stunning Textiles at Home

Learn how to create custom fabric designs at home using relief printmaking process (also known as block printing).

Beginner's Guide to Fabric Printing: Create Stunning Textiles at Home

Learn how to create custom fabric designs at home using relief printmaking process (also known as block printing).
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About the Class

Howdy, friend!

Have you ever seen beautiful textiles and wondered, “Wow! How is that made?” This class will teach you how to create your custom fabric designs at home using the relief printmaking process (also known as block printing).

Liz is a printmaker, food illustrator, and farmer. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the United States, including New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Minnesota, and New Mexico. Her teaching experience includes the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, the Santa Fe Community College, Farmers’ Markets, and now TabletWise!

Liz’s experience will help you glide through the printmaking process using tips and tricks she has learned over the years to craft your final fabric print with ease.

What will you learn in this class?

  1. How can you create a compelling design that has oomph and impact?
  2. How can you transform your design into a custom stamp?
  3. What are the best materials to use for this process?
  4. Two inking methods.
  5. What other techniques can be applied to printed products?

What will you create?

  • A custom fabric print for your home. This fabric can be a dish towel, napkin set, or tote bag.

Who should take this course?

This class is for beginner printmakers. You will discover the joy of the printing process and how functional art can positively influence your day-to-day experiences.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge about this process. But it will be helpful if you have your materials ready to go when you start the class (access the materials list with direct links to purchase).

Your Project

Your class project is to create a custom fabric print. You choose the fabric you’d like to use! This project can be a blank dish towel, napkin, tote bag, old t-shirt, even a blank piece of scrap fabric! The only exception is no nylon.


There are three main deliverables throughout this class because Liz values process as much as the product. When you share your steps along the way, Liz and students can provide feedback to help make your final print even better. Below is the complete list of deliverables:

  1. An initial drawing of your design
  2. A photograph of your carved stamp
  3. A photograph of your final printed fabric product


Liz Brindley

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Hi there! I'm Liz: farmer and illustrator. I'm here to remind you of your creative power, get you stoked on food, and share the beautiful magic of the seemingly mundane. Reach out at any time to

Class Requirements

This class is for beginner printmakers. No prior experience is necessary.

It is recommended that you have the following materials when you start creating your fabric print.


Here is a document with the necessary materials to get started, including links for places to purchase. If this list looks intimidating, don’t fret! You will be able to use these materials on many more of your printing projects beyond this class.

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 43 minutes
15 Videos
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