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Archangel Certification Course Part 4 of 6

The Course that will make all Spiritual Practices clear and useful to You.

Archangel Certification Course Part 4 of 6

The Course that will make all Spiritual Practices clear and useful to You.
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Collectively, there has been agreement that ARCHANGELS exist, and guide us through our Lives in ways that aid us in living amazingly enjoyable life experiences that are of service to all sentient beings, and all of Creation.

Being the Creative Beings that we are, and knowing that like vibrations/qualities attract the corresponding vibrational expression, the only thing that stops Us from joining the ranks of these beings who devote their awesome gifts to the advancement of the entire divine plan is Our vibrational choice. So how do we align ourselves with the qualities that allow us to ascend to the state of being full of service to all beings? The answer is to accept the qualities that they do to BECOME ARCHANGELS :)!!!

Be an ARCHANGEL, with the authority, confidence, and knowledge to practice Globally/Universally, and use the most powerful modalities, tools and information to enhance Your Spiritual Experience, and authentically assist Others. Have lots of fun exploring in a Safe and Healthy way.

The Archangel Course is an authentic and unique Spiritual Healing & Empowerment Experience that will allow You to develop a deeper Spiritual Consciousness. You will inevitably help those in Your awareness through deeper contact and acceptance of Your Source of Being.

The Course taught from a nondual perspective which EMPOWERS the Listener to understand and experience without becoming fixated on the modality, as the only thing that matters. This allows space to continue One's Spiritual journey, and gain mastery of cutting edge Spiritual modalities, and practices.

In this 30 Day Course, you will:

  • Interpret subconscious messaging accurately and effectively to ACHIEVE IMMEDIATE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE.
  • Develop a steady and unfailing Vision of Reality and apply it with Purpose to fulfill Your desire while staying in a calm and clear state of receptivity.
  • Explore and cultivate energy to CREATE WITH EASE
  • Know Yourself fully and be able to help all those that You encounter, just by being Yourself.
  • Master the art of Forgiveness, and ALLOW MIRACLES INTO YOUR LIFE as a result.
  • ​RECEIVE RELIABLE ADVICE and directly experience Your ability TO CONFIDENTLY CREATE.
  • Say Goodbye to fear, sickness and time, and learn to repair the energetic body at will. Accept the Freedom that is Yours.
  • Create Masterfully with new tools, and techniques while experiencing the leap into Eternity.

About King Gabriel Quincy Collymore

He walks out of a Los Angeles Bus to his friend's place, and everyone on the bus is happy and laughing, and his friend exclaims "Bodhisattva", I have never seen that before. The people on the bus are usually so irritated and upset. His reply: "hmmmm, I have not seen that :)!!! "

This is a moment in the Life of King Gabriel.

Creator of Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing, Groove Martial Arts, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Teacher of Equality, Transformational Leader, (BS)Electrical Engineering, Professional Athlete and Coach in multiple sports, Published Author, Mystic, Fulfilled Musician and Philanthropist, King Gabriel Quincy Collymore has had the honour of sharing the stage with many other great Spiritual Leaders and highly regarded Speakers, including, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, The Dalai Llama, Amma (the hugging saint), Edwene Gaines, Iyanla Vanzant, Steve Harvey, and many others. In his 6 years of service to the Agape International Spiritual Center as an Independent Healing Practitioner, Choir Member, Media, and Music Ministry Assistant, he has had the opportunity to help innumerable masses as guided by his Inner Teacher.

He has demonstrated very simple applications of Spiritual Practices and teachings that work for everyone, and this revolutionary work has allowed its participants to consciously step into the experience of Health, Financial and Goal Oriented Success and Love.

Even more important than what King Gabriel has done, is who King Gabriel is. He is a Spiritual Explorer, who has had many revelations, insights, and experiences, which have been simplified into tools and practices that have radically improved the lives of all encountered, and the ripples are exponential. He is very grateful to have been blessed in this way and is sharing a method for others to do the same.


An open mind or the ability to release cynicism.

About the instructors

King Gabriel Collymore

Creator of Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing ( ARCH ), Spiritual Transformer and Mental Fitness Coach.
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I'm King Gabriel, and I see My Self and Others as eternal.
I came to be in the little but very famous country of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. 

I'm an authentic Spiritual Teacher, Electrical Engineer, Certified Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Published Author, Former Professional Athlete, Coach in multiple sports and Musician with two released albums and a third on the way.
I'm also a Husband and Father of three beautiful Children, one Lovely Daughter, and two Beloved Sons, Who are Twins.

The most important thing to Me is maintaining and increasing the awareness of oneness with the Creator by assisting Others in attaining Absolute Realization.

So far, I've helped thousands of People in groups and individually to heal, find lasting Joy and create the life experiences and Spiritual Consciousness that They truly desired.

One such event that I was involved in is the Rising Consciousness Seminar hosted by Tara Antler, which featured many of the well known Spiritual Leaders and Authors of today e.g. Dr. John Gray "Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus", Jack Canfield Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul,  Arielle Ford & Brian Hilliard, and many Others. 

In a general consensus, among 235 people Who have known Me for many years, the Participants, have collectively stated that I am Love Filled, Positive, Accepting, Cheerful and Compassionate.

I've had the honor of sharing the stage with many great Spiritual Leaders, highly regarded Speakers, Mystics and Musicians including, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Iyanla Vanzant, Steve Harvey, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, The Black Eyed Peas and many Others.

Considering that I started off on a little island in the Caribbean it's wonderful that I've been able to make a significant difference globally. I've transcended many limits to be a guide to Those Who are facing similar or related challenges.  

I've created, utilized and shared many amazing tools and practices that have shifted the minds of communities in ways that are easily applicable. and I'm very grateful to have the ability to make a true and lasting difference in the lives of Others :).

 I'm a very relevant candidate to demonstrate and guide Others on the path to Peace, Joy, Miracles, and Love. 

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