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Guitar Notes and Scales Memorization Magic

Learn how to improve your playing and allow you to jam more freely with your guitar.

Guitar Notes and Scales Memorization Magic

Learn how to improve your playing and allow you to jam more freely with your guitar.
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About the Class

This course provides a new, magical, fast way to memorize all the notes on the guitar at once. With it, you can finish the scale graphic in 10 minutes, which has helped many guitar students who are newbies or confused about note position on a guitar. Now, it is on TabletWise.

The best memorization method for our brains is undoubtedly imaging memorization. Scott has discovered magical rules for the guitar fretboard, which is a kind of image memorization method. You only have to memorize five images, and you have all the note positions on the guitar.

This course also teaches you to memorize a "three notes per string" scale quickly, which is good for shredding.

Now, welcome to this magical memorization online course which can improve your playing and allow you to go further if you are interested.


Scott Su

Music, Guitar and Life
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Scott Su is an independent music composer, producer, and guitarist. He is also a richly experienced studio musician, skillful in music arrangements, and he releases mainly guitar performance albums. His self-composed records include the guitar performance single "Are You Still There?" and "No Flowers On Island." Scott also writes useful guitar...

Class Requirements

You should have a guitar to play.

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 33 minutes
17 Videos
7 Documents
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