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Updos and Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For the client who wants an updo with her Natural curls needs special care and understanding!

Updos and Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For the client who wants an updo with her Natural curls needs special care and understanding!
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About the Class

In this course for Curly hairstyles and updos, you will learn fun and easy ideas that are perfect for your curly hair, your clients and your friends. These styles work with naturally curly hair allowing you or your client to feel that they are themselves.

My experience with curly hair clients is that some are real experts with their own curls and some need your professional help with their curls and how best to maintain them. If you can win over your curly hair clients with care, concern, and patience, they will be faithful to you. Watch these videos with someone in mind that you can practice on right away. I hope you find these curly looks a great addition to your updo portfolio.


Gretchen Maurer

Updo & Hairstyle Educator
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As a passionate stylist I specialize in hair ups, updos and hairstyles for the salon professional. My courses will give you the edge required when working with wedding parties and teens. My step by step construction method as well as my system for a stellar consultation will improve your speed, creativity and relatability with your client!

Class Requirements

Requirements Tools needed to be sure to add answers…

Watch the videos all the way through to see what you may specifically need for each course. In general, this is a basic list:  A blow dryer, a small teasing brush/comb, a rat tail comb for making clean parts, a curling iron. Velcro rollers & round brushes (typically for short and mid-length hair courses). Hot rollers, bobby pins & hair pins to match your hair color, large hair ties, small clear elastics, silver clips, and hairspray. Maybe a gel or hair wax or cream for controlling flyaway hair.

Someone or yourself with the appropriate hair length and texture as the models in this course, so you can follow along and practice your new skills!

Time and patience, gentleness toward yourself and a never give up attitude! Boldness to ask models to practice on and bravery to try out new looks on your clients! They will love you for your innovational skills!

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 36 minutes
10 Videos
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