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Advanced Embedded Systems using Arduino

Learn about embedded systems development with Arduino and C Programming.

Advanced Embedded Systems using Arduino

Learn about embedded systems development with Arduino and C Programming.
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About the Class

Are you passionate about circuits and coding?

Do you want to learn Arduino faster than ever?

I firmly believe that anyone, irrespective of experience, age, or technical background can learn and experiment with technologies. With the single goal in mind, I've created this Course on Embedded Systems designing with Arduino.

And I also believe from my personal experience of more than a decade, that learning should not be lengthy!

My purpose is to get you started quickly with Arduino and start programming and making systems fast, with less learning and more experimenting. Hence the course is divided into small chunks which you can jump directly at any time and learn any particular module you’re interested in.

You’ll download your first program into Arduino Board within 30 minutes of starting this course

Arduino is probably the number 1 microcontroller board used today in the world in a variety of industries, be it for prototyping the new product or just creating a hobby project for your home. Arduino is no one choice of many developers as well as hobbyists. And this course is to make you an expert in Arduino. Yes, you've read it correctly, an expert.

This course includes many interfaces starting from LEDs to I2C interface and memory card data logger. See the complete list below

Who should take this course?

  • Complete Newbees
  • Arduino Hobbyists
  • Students (School/college)
  • Working Professionals
  • Retired Personal’s seeking interested in DIY hardware

This is a complete course on learning Arduino Programming, interfacing, and creating projects using Arduino with more than 30 different project and tasks included with this course. Everything related to Arduino programming and connecting various interfaces with Arduino is covered in complete details. Yet, the course length is such that anyone can finish it within a single week.

This is a complete hand on driven course with more than 30 different programs/projects to be done throughout.

You can enroll and start experimenting with this course even if you do not have an Arduino board.

Yes, I’ve included steps and instructions to use a free online simulator for Arduino where you can perform most of your programs, so if you don’t have Arduino board, or just planning to purchase, you can still enroll to this course, start learning and gather your hardware later.

List of Hardware Interfaces to learn

  • LEDs
  • Switches
  • Buzzer
  • Relay
  • DC Motor
  • Servo Motor
  • PWM
  • Analog Input
  • Voltmeter
  • Thermometer
  • Light Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Keypad Interfacing
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • Serial port
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Memory Card interfacing and data logger
  • Usage of EEPROM Memory

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to use a breadboard
  • what's the difference between C and Arduino's C programming
  • Simulating Arduino using online tool
  • Project Making Tips

Anyone can not only learn but excel in Arduino and hardware project making

Don’t get overwhelmed by the long list of interfaces to study. All of these are included to make you an expert in as less time as possible. Although it is an advanced course, it is equally applicable to everyone. Even if you’re a complete newbie who’s never done coding before or never seen or used Arduino, you can still join and start experimenting.

All the source codes are included in the downloads area of the respective lesson so that you can either try them yourself or directly download them and start using.

I’ve been training and developing Arduino based systems for about 10 hours a day for more than ten years, I’ve taught students from age 7 to 70 and have trained more than 10000 students from over 65+ countries. So when I say you can learn and excel in Arduino in quickest possible time, I mean it.


Amit Rana

Electronics Engineer, Developer and Trainer
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Amit Rana is a passionate electronics engineer, developer and trainer. Have been running a design and training firm from 2009, Amit Rana has a vast experience of Designing number of different electronics systems and projects using microcontrollers and related technologies. Successfully running 3 different companies all working with electronics...

Class Requirements

  • You should have access to a computer.
  • You should have an active internet connection.
  • You should have a strong desire to learn and have fun with Arduino and embedded systems.
  • You should have a basic understanding of Electronic Components.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 6 hours 59 minutes
64 Videos
1 Document
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