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Day 10: Shim Shams

6 minutes
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Welcome back to 20 moves in 20 days Today we are going to talk about shim Shams. Tap has the best names for things. It's really an interesting vocabulary is always so much fun. So, today we have our Shem Chan's. So we haven't done too much of the components of a shim Sham yet, but they are easy enough to pick up on so we will work on those together. Okay, so a shim shim in general is I two parts, and then you have a break, and then you repeat that part.

So that's a very common theme in tap where you'll have to have the same thing and then a break and then back to your original so it's just an interesting kind of component to break and then back to the original. Alright, but I'll just teach you how The main component and then we'll kind of build it together. So a sham Sham is going to be a heel, dig, a sink, and a step, heel dig, bank step. So that bank is a backwards brush of my toe. So from this heel dig, I'm not lifting my foot up again, I am simply brushing that toe backwards sharply, like that, and then putting my toe down so it goes, heel, spank step. Okay, so I'm going to face this way so you can kind of see it as well.

So we have heel, spank, step, heel. step, heel. step, heel, step, heel, step, heel spank. Step. He'll think step. He'll Bank step.

Excellent. Okay, so you have your heels bank step and that is the most of the champagne itself. And then all we're going to add to it the break is just a very easy ball change, which you already know. So it goes all together, heel, step, heel, step, heel, spank ball change. Again, it breaks the pattern. So that's your break.

And then he'll think step. Okay, so I'm going to actually face this other ways. You can really see it clearly. So it goes right. Left, then heals, thank call change, right? Yeah.

Okay. So we have starting with our right foot. We have heel Spanx, heels. Thank you. He'll think ball change. He'll strength Step now I go left, okay?

Heels thank step, heel, step, heel spank ball change heel spank step. Okay, so that was a right and a left Shin Chan. Let's try it again. Okay. We have heel spank step. Heel spank step.

Heel spank ball, change heels fake stuff now left heel, step, heel spank step. Heel spank, ball, change heel, space, step again. Right ball change, right again, left, right, left ball change, left, right, left, right, ball change, right, get left, right, left ball. Change left. Excellent. You can speed these up too.

So as you are more comfortable with the sequence of this step, you can even increase the speed and that will look something like this. Or even faster. Something to play with, you want to get really comfortable with the sequence before you try speeding it up. But it is also a lot of fun to speed up or even play with different things. One fun thing to start with is to do one slow too fast or something like that. So in that case, you would have Back to flow, and so on and so forth.

Yeah. completely up to you, but a lot of fun to play with. So those are your shim sham. I actually want to give you a bonus move today because it's super simple and it's called a shim Sham break. And the shim Sham break is literally just taking that last break component of the Sham sham. And then doing that right and left, right and left.

So the Sham Sham break all it is is he'll spank fall change, he'll stay together. So if I've eliminated Part A and B of the jam and just did Part D Yeah, just the braking portion of it. That is a shim Sham break and I can do that right and left. So we'll practice that as well. That goes He'll spring ball change. He'll stay together.

Deals thank ball change. He'll think together. He'll think ball change. He'll stay together. He'll think ball change he'll spend together. He'll think ball change he'll spank together and faster.

Yeah, play with it. Have some fun. Try some different rhythms as well. You can also add some really fun little twist. Like you want to get really fancy so lots to work with there.

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