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Day 11: Cramp Roll

5 minutes
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We are going to work on our again, tap vocabulary just wonky, but it's a fun Deb and should not cause cramping in your feet, we hope anyway, for sound for a single cramp roll, it is going to be a tongue toe, heel, heel. So what I mean by that is I'm going to be up on my toes. I'm going to step toe to toe and then I'm going to drop my heels. heel, heel, so goes right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left. Yeah. So I'm going right, left, right, right, left, right, left case, we're gonna practice eight to the right Due to the lack of we're going to stay in place.

Technically these can travel as well and I'll show you that in a second. But we'll stay in place to start. When we go to the left is the same concept except I'm starting with my left so I have to go. So, so he'll feel right so left, right, left, right. Okay. So we'll start with the right so right left, right, left.

Here we go. We have so don't you I got to the left. Good. Okay. Now, that the speed at which you want to start and make sure that you get the right steps in the right order, okay? Because that is important.

You do them out of order, it's technically not incredible, right? However, we will eventually get to a point where we never do them fast slowly, we're going to actually do them a lot faster. And it's gonna sound like this. Right? So I always think of a bunch of horses, and sounds that they make as they're trotting along. That's how it sounds to me.

So we're going to actually practice that as well. Again, even though I'm going faster, I'm still thinking, right, left, right, left. So one big thing I always say is, it's going to be the best if you think about it in terms of landing on your toes that require a little bit of a jump. And then if you land on your toes, your heels are going to come down naturally. So don't think about your heels. Just think about Any rate less okay with my my little jump, so I'm going to go and I'm going to slow it down for just a second so you can kind of see that pause.

In reality I would try to eliminate the pause but it would go and then right so that's your priority. And he'll he'll will happen on its own. Okay, so I go right landing on my left. I'm gonna try that slow version first and then we'll speed it up a little bit. So again, I'm focusing on living on my toes, I go. Hey, now I can travel use if I'm so inclined.

I'm going to actually start This way, I'm going to travel to the right. And then I will do it to the left. And it's very straightforward. I'm simply going to be standing out a little bit as I do my first toe. So I'm just thinking, I'm literally just thinking I'm moving as kind of a whole. And all I'm doing is just hanging out so I go back.

Alright, so again, when you're first starting out, you really want to think about in terms of pricing a little bit slower, to making sure that that sequence is perfect the pin as you start feeling more and more comfortable with it. So trying to increase your speed so you can do them really fast. Good job.

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