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About the Class

Become stronger and more confident at impromptu public speaking in 7 days. This course leads you step-by-step through proven impromptu public speaking frameworks and speech delivery techniques. The steps are simple and rely on practice and common sense.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Speak off the cuff for up to 4 minutes
  • Have a sound knowledge of some public speaking speech frameworks you can use during impromptu speaking
  • Understand how to expand upon a subject when public speaking, even when you don't have a great deal of knowledge on it.

Class Requirements

  • You should be able to speak and understand English
  • You should have access to a timing device or stopwatch
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What's included in the class?

 14 video lessons
 9 documents

Class Authors

Shola Kaye

Speaker, communications coach and professional performer
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Hi, I'm Shola - award-winning public speaker, author of the book 'How to be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking' (D.I.V.A. is an acronym that represents what it takes to be a well-rounded speaker) and a professional singer.

I love teaching and training, both of groups and individuals.

Some of my articles on public speaking have appeared in publications such as Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar and The Metro.

These days, most people are short on time so I like to create short, punchy courses that get you results fast. There'll always be a workbook containing exercises you can apply immediately to your speeches and speaking.

Courses include how to be:

- a DYNAMIC speaker

- an INSPIRING speaker

- a VALUABLE speaker

- an AUTHENTIC speaker

- an IMPROMPTU speaker

Courses can be taken in any order - they're not sequential. Just choose the areas that you feel need the most improvement!

I'm a fully qualified teacher with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Oxford University, an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and a Masters from Emory University in the USA.

I used to HATE public speaking and even got fired from a job many years ago for being too afraid to speak up during meetings. Now, I really enjoy public speaking and performance and have spoken to crowds of 1,500 people and sung to more than 3,000 at a time.

What helps me, and many of my clients, overcome fear and nerves is to remember you're there to be of service to the audience.

It's not about're just the messenger!

I enjoy tennis, rebounding and Thai food and love to travel - I lived in the USA for 7 years while I got my Masters degree, working in consulting for a while before returning to the UK.

I'm now fully committed to speaking, teaching and performing; my dream activities!

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