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Dr. Hud's 10 Steps to a Lean Body

Learn how to eat and move and FORCE your body to burn fat and get fit with Dr. Hud Shaker MD PhD

Dr. Hud's 10 Steps to a Lean Body

Learn how to eat and move and FORCE your body to burn fat and get fit with Dr. Hud Shaker MD PhD
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What's included in the class?

 11 video lessons
 1 document

About the Class

Your body wants to heal itself and burn fat, you are the one that’s stopping it!

Just as your body works continuously to make sure you have enough oxygen in your bloodstream and enough water in your cells and works tirelessly to ensure you get rid of waste products, it also tries to regulate your weight and body fat composition.

Yes! Your body WANTS to lose weight and burn fat.

The problem is, everything you have been putting into your mouth (by choice!!) has been battling against your body’s natural desire to stay healthy and nourished,

The trick isn't to just move more and eat less but feed your body the RIGHT foods to correct your metabolism and do the RIGHT exercises to boost your metabolism so your body actually burns fat and gets you lean.

In these 10 steps Dr. Hud Shaker will give you actionable, science-backed tips on taking control of your health through diet and exercise.

No gimmicks or supplements.

Correct your metabolism by eating more and exercising smartly with Dr. Hud Shaker.


Class Requirements

Who this course is for:

Anybody who wants to lose weight and get lean and is fed up of the 'eat less move more' fallacy

An open-minded person who wants to take CONTROL of their health

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Hud Shaker

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