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Everyone has a Part to Play

2 minutes
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Now Jill takes other medications as well, including several pills that look a lot like fill. We hope that she understands why she is taking fill, how much she should take, and how and when she should take him. This may be particularly challenging if English is your second language, or she has hearing or memory difficulties. Jill may not ask all the questions she needs to. She belongs to the generation born in the earlier 20th century, who were raised to respect authority and not ask too many questions. handout number one is a list of some questions that Jill or someone who cares for her could ask about her medications, particularly any new ones.

Developing a system to organize her medications will help Jill to take Phil properly. In order to prescribe safely, Dr. Hill needs to know exactly what other pills Jill is taking, and what other doctors Jill has seen lately, as they may also be prescribing pills. Dr. Hill has hopefully explained to Jill the hows and whys for taking pill in a way she really understands. One technique that is recommended for healthcare professionals is the talkback method. This means that Dr. Hill would ask Jill to repeat instructions and information back to her to make sure she has understood the important parts. This takes a bit more time, but not anywhere near the time and expense of dealing with a medication problem.

Mr. mill, the pharmacist needs to be aware of Jill's medical and pharmacological history as well, because sometimes he can catch things that the doctor missed. Mr. Male will most likely provide Jill with written information, which she may or may not be able to read due to the size of the print. Jill can also bring her questions to Mr. mill To make sure she does not miss any important information. Once again, the talkback method will help Mr. mill to assess how much Jill understands. Phil needs to be dispensed in a bottle that Jill can easily open.

Phil's bottle also needs to have a label with words large enough for Jill to read so she can easily distinguish Phil from her other pills. The moral of the story is there are many age related factors that can influence Jill and Phil's relationship. These need to be understood and addressed to ensure that Phil is helping Jill to realize her full potential in old age.

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