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Medications and the Elderly Promotional Video

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Jill is 89 years old and lives alone in her longtime home. She has adult children who keep in touch with her regularly. Jill takes a variety of medications. Lately she and her family have been wondering about this. Could some of your pills be doing more harm than good? Why is she taking so many?

What are they all for? To herself is not clear about this, and why she often feels unwell. They're getting concerned. What can they do? What would you do? There's lots of can do.

One key action is to get informed to learn about the issues involved in medication safety, what to look out for, and what actions you can safely take. In my online course on medications and the elderly, you will meet bill the pill and follow him on his journey to jail to understand how changes of aging can affect our risk. sponses to medications. You will learn about factors that make medication intake unsafe and what to look out for. You will become aware of resources to help you succeed in medication safety. You will learn some ways to stay healthy and decrease the need for some medications.

You or someone you care about will have the information you need to make sure that medications are working for not against health and well being. Whether you are a caregiver, an elder or a baby boomer, wanting to optimize the potentials of old age this course is for you

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