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Course Introduction

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Hi, and welcome to my course and medications in the elderly. congratulations on taking the time to investigate this important issue. First, I'll tell you a bit about me. I am a nurse with a degree in gerontology. That is the study of aging. I have worked with the elderly and seen firsthand the issues that they face.

I'm also a baby boomer with aging parents, I'm concerned for them. And for myself as I age and need to rely more on health care resources. The boomer generation will be the largest number of persons ever to reach old age at one time, we are at risk of using an unprecedented amount of healthcare resources. I want to minimize the cost to my children and grandchildren. This means finding ways to stay healthier, longer. One way we can do this is by cutting down on the amount of medication misuse overuse In general confusion about use, doctors and pharmacists are working hard to address this issue.

We can help by becoming informed consumers. taking this course is a good step in that direction. I hope you enjoy the adventure

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