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About the Class

Welcome to Essential Arabic Grammar in use for beginners part 1

Where you will learn the basics of Arabic grammar and put these grammar rules in use.

The goal of this course is to help students apply what they learn and start forming their unique simple sentences.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Define Arabic Nouns, Particles, and Verbs.
  • Learn all separate Pronouns of Arabic Language.
  • Learn All attached pronouns with every Arabic word type.
  • Learn Arabic verb tenses.
  • Learn 65 common Arabic verbs in all tenses + translation.
  • Use Negation with Nouns and Particles.
  • Introduce yourself in Arabic based on understanding the words and the grammar rules.
  • Conjugate any verb in any tense with any pronoun.

Learn some sentences to start using right away while learning this course.

Course materials are included as long as Exercises and a checklist to help you track your progress.

Feel free to ask me any question

Class Requirements

No requirements , only a device with an Internet connection and Notes

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What's included in the class?

 17 video lessons
 4 documents

Class Authors

Radwa Obayd

Professional Arabic teacher
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Hello, I'm Radwa,

the founder of

I am a professional online Arabic teacher. Well trained and have experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers. My big goal is to teach Arabic to millions of people, I have been teaching Arabic since 2006 for all students levels and ages starting 5+.

I have a BA in Arabic language and a graduate in Education. I am specialized in teaching Arabic as a foreign language for children and adults at any level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). I am certified with degrees in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Cairo University - faculty of Dar Al Uloom. and I am also certified in teaching Arabic as a foreign/second language from the Institute of Educational Studies - Cairo University.

I would be glad to help you reach your goals.

Feel free to contact me and I look forward to see you in my classes.

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