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Music Theory Extended Bass Volume 1 Beginners Basic

Learn the basic music theory for extended range bass series.

Music Theory Extended Bass Volume 1 Beginners Basic

Learn the basic music theory for extended range bass series.
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About the Class

This workshop is focused on the 5 & 6 string extended basses.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learning the seven notes with colors and associate with the piano and the bass fingerboard.
  • Learning all basic things in the music as bars, time signatures, notes & durations, the circle of fifths, bass notation 
  • Chart guide and music signs to help the student and follow the chart with all music signs as segno, coda, repeat signs, etc.
  • Articulations & dynamics helps to understand the notes with the specific accent
  • Models and choices for the student how to count the music in a professional way 
  • Learning to work with the metronome as a professional and resolve all rhythmic problems
  • Rhythm & music examples or solution on how to read music slow and understand every note
  • Learning all notes and subdivision as dots, rests, whole note, half note, quarter, sixteens, triplets & syncopation
  • Covering 6 the string bass and resolve all problems with positions, notation, and range.
  • Full instrument coverage step by step, note by note.


Vinnie Venkov

The Music is like a Jazz, You have everything inside...
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Vinnie Venkov was born in 1967 in Sofia,Bulgaria.He entered The Bulgarian State Conservatory and graduated in 1993, majoring in bass guitar.His second instrument is a Double Bass.In 1994 he received his Music Master's Degree Additional Courses & Teachers: John Patitucci - Double Bass Course Online,Alain Caron - Participated In Master ClassRimon...

Class Requirements

  • You need only bass guitar 5 or 6 string bass and good motivation.
  • You need any device to watch videos and can open PDF files: iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop.

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours 33 minutes
22 Videos
14 Documents
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