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Welcome to the history of corporate finance. In a nutshell, the foundations of modern finance. This course is to answer the question, Where do financial markets come from? How did they evolve but shapes and influences them over time? And how do we know if they will run or not? The topics that we're going to discuss our financial capital markets, what is the purpose of them?

How do they actually play out? We'll look at why intellectual property protection is essential in a functional financial market. We'll look at Capital Market deficiency and market crashes. We'll look at risk and diversification. What can cause a stock market bubble? We'll look at the role that government can play in finance, how the government can help or hinder a market.

Discuss options strategies. We'll look at mergers and acquisitions. A company wants to take over another company. How can they use financial tools to do this? We'll look at takeovers and leveraged buyouts as well as defensive tactics when a company wants to not be taken over. And we'll look at the 2008 financial us housing collapse, and the financial tools that brought about topics in this course we're bringing together from a range of fields.

In universities, this course is sometimes called Advanced corporate finance. But the way I've structured this course is that it's available for people with any level of financial experience, as this course is focused on a high level understanding. I've tried to present the material in this course like a movie to keep it entertaining. I personally find this material fascinating. I think you will too. And the nice thing is that you'll come out of this course with insight into how financial markets affect everything we do.

So welcome to the history of Corporate Finance in a nutshell the foundations of modern

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