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As a Special Effects Makeup artist, you will be called upon to create many different types of skin imperfections on your actors and actresses. You will need to produce quality special effects that are done quickly and give these effects the realism that makes the audience believe what they see.

In this class, I will be instructing you on how to produce the following effects:  

  • Scratches  
  • Split Lips  
  • Cuts  
  • Slit Wrists  
  • Road Rash  
  • Stitches

It is essential to make the above given special effects real and make them fast. Your production may have a lot of people that need makeup before shooting can begin. I will show you shortcuts to create these significant effects.  

Join me in this portion of the Special Effects Makeup course.  


You need to have a properly stocked makeup kit.

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Randy Daudlin

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