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Advanced Get and Transform/PowerQuery: The Mashup Language

Learn the intricacies of writing "M"ashup for the PowerQuery engine within Microsoft Excel and Power BI to supercharge your data acquisition and analysis.

Advanced Get and Transform/PowerQuery: The Mashup Language

Learn the intricacies of writing "M"ashup for the PowerQuery engine within Microsoft Excel and Power BI to supercharge your data acquisition and analysis.
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What's included in the class?

 28 video lessons
 29 documents

About the Class

Empower your ability to transform data

The Query Editor that supports Get and Transform is powerful and allows even the newest Excel users to create powerful data manipulation queries with only their mouse and, occasionally, a few keyboard inputs. Behind each query is the powerful Mashup language, "M" for short. Picking up even a few tips and tricks with the language itself can allow you to create even more useful and powerful queries far faster than with strictly the editor alone.

In this course, you'll dive behind the Query Editor to learn about the syntax and structure of M Code so that you can build queries with the query editor and make manual adjustments to create results not achievable strictly through the graphical interface.

Save time with reusable query code

Found yourself loving how quickly you can do so many things in the Query Editor but feel like you've been doing the same thing over and over? You probably have been, and there's a solution for that.

With a few extra lines of code, you can turn any of your queries that you've duplicated and re-used over and over again into directly re-usable functions that will save you time, hassle, and dramatically improve your ability to maintain, update, and edit your queries.

In this course, you will learn about how to build reusable functions from existing queries or from scratch to give you the ability to build custom reusable user functions within your Query Editor.

Incorporate complex logic into your transformations

Have you ever found yourself needing the results of an iterative calculation based upon a combination of fields or wanting to compute a compound calculation based upon other rows within the same data set?

These types of problems require complex logic that is generally the realm of true object-oriented languages and other solutions rather than database computations like those generated from SQL.

The "M" language allows for constructing loops, writing recursive functions, and incorporating proper error trapping and management as part of your queries, allowing you to incorporate the detailed logic necessary for your solution.

In this course, you'll learn how to do each of these things within the M language, using the query editor to guide and test your code as you progress.

Apply the concepts together to solve problems

The course has multiple challenges plus full-scale practice exercises to help you learn how to apply and combine the various components together. One large-scale exercise will have you applying everything you know about Get and Transform to build a series of queries and functions that can solve Word Search puzzles.

Each challenge and practice set has guided video explanations for how to arrive at the solution plus the solution files to peruse at your own pace.

Class Requirements

You should be familiar with PowerQuery in Excel or Power BI.

Be willing and interested in learning common programming concepts.

Have a desire to problem solve.

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Expert authors. Advanced topics. Clear explanations.
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