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Design Your Career and Automate Your Success

Learn how to create your exact road map, the step-by-step action plan to achieve anything in life.

Design Your Career and Automate Your Success

Learn how to create your exact road map, the step-by-step action plan to achieve anything in life.
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About the Class

Have you ever thought:

  • Why someone is so motivated and energetic and taking constant actions in his career and achieving milestones, where others are just confused and directionless?
  • Why someone so optimistic about his dream and others just hopeless?

And the answer is:

He has automated his career and others don’t.

He has the exact road map, the step-by-step action plan, and others don’t.

He knows what to do next and how and others don’t.

In short, he has designed his career and others don’t, he has automated his success and others don’t.

In this course, you’ll be able to design your career by creating the exact Road-map, the step-by-step Action-plan of your success based on your chosen career.  So, there will be No-look-back later.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to expand your career ideas to find the right career for you? You’ll learn 7-proven strategies.
  • How to organize your dreams and goals that’s let you achieve it easily and timely.
  • How to Set your vision and outcome for your career.
  • How to explore your career opportunities & competitions, by taking your “Personal Career Tour”?
  • How to create your “Career Need Lists” – things that you need achieving your goals?
  • How to create “Your Career Story-Board” the ultimate roadmap to success?
  • How to create your “Career Action Calendar”, so that you know exactly, what to do today, next week, next month, and next year and how.
  • How to stay motivated and productive every day, creating your “Career Power Tools”
  • How to deal with obstacles and fears?
  • How to break through procrastination and mental blocks and take action toward your goals.
  • How to schedule your success by making your “Career Appointments”!

It’s A Part Of Your Soul,

If you design your career, here are some of the best things that will happen to your life:

  • You see a clear path, a roadmap from where you are to where you want to reach. A step-by-step process to get you there, where you want to be.
  • You know how to prioritize your goals, how to split your big goals into small and mid-terms so that you can achieve it easily and timely.
  • You are able to maintain momentum in your journey as you always know your next step. You never run out of ideas and inspirations.
  • You’re able to focus on one thing at a time as per the schedule and never distracted. Your visions are clear.
  • You have developed an attitude that attracts achievements and success.
  • You add beauty and perfection to your life.
  • You would maintain a feeling of mental peace and become fulfilled as you enjoy every step of your journey.
  • You have become certain and accurate about the outcomes and able to gauge it even before you getting started. You design it, so you’ll know it very well.


Avinash Sahoo

Author, Career Expert & Coach
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Avinash Sahoo is a Best-Selling Author, Career Expert & Coach. He writes in the domain of career passion & success. His expertise on the subject of fulfilling careers earned him many titles such as; Passion Promoter & Career Designer in India. He conducts regular career workshops and teach people how to choose & design their career. He...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes
8 Videos
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