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Holistic Healing with PCOS

Your step by step guide to holistic healing with PCOS.

Holistic Healing with PCOS

Your step by step guide to holistic healing with PCOS.
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Holistic Healing with PCOS provides you with your step by step guide to ditching the acne, irregular cycles, and excess belly fat, the holistic way.
Learn how to leave behind the diets and use real food to heal your PCOS and thrive every single day by addressing the root causes and imbalances specific to PCOS.
Who should take this course?
The woman who is tired of being confused and not getting answers for her PCOS. This course is designed for the woman who is ready to put in the work for her health and who understands that PCOS requires sustainable long term changes and not quick fixes.
What will I learn as part of this course?
  • What is PCOS?
  • Getting a proper diagnosis + types of PCOS
  • Conventional treatments for PCOS
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Common diets 
  • Nutrition basics, grocery shopping, reading ingredient labels, meal planning.
  • Inflammation overview
  • Insulin resistance & blood sugar balancing
  • Digestion & detoxification
  • Stress Management & promoting healthy sleep cycles
  • Hormone Balancing & understanding the female hormones and cycle
  • Sustainable living with PCOS
  • Additional resources for PCOS
  • + more!

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