Setting Your Service Distance & Address

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Okay, so in this video, I'm going to talk about what you can do with the address set up here. If I click on Edit, you're basically going to have this window pop up. And what you're going to want to do is you're first going to want to fill out everything here with your street address. If you have a suite number, you want to fill that out as well, the city state zip code. And then again, I did mention this earlier, but you want to make sure that you want to check off I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location, if you're actually a service based business. So this would be someone like an electrician, a plumber, maybe like someone who's just a contractor, in general, someone that's not serving anyone at their actual location.

So that's pretty obvious. You can figure this out. If you do both, then that's fine. You have an option down here you can say I also serve customers at my business address. Now if you do have this box checked, by default, Google will display your address information. Technically, this business actually should not have this checked, but it's not really going to hurt them.

It's just going to display the business. The full address in the public view. So when I search for an electrician in Windsor, Colorado, and I see their business listing show up, instead of having the full five for one e garden drive, I'm actually going to see just that they're in Windsor, Colorado, if I uncheck this box, so I just wanted to clarify this because that is important. The next thing would be, figure out whether or not you know, you can set yourself up in a radius if you can't really, this would be a circumstance where let's just say, Here, you can see the kind of radius that we're covering with a 34 mile radius that we have set up for them. Let's just say they don't serve customers kind of up in like the North area of this radius. You could actually decide to click this box here, this other checkbox and manually start adding cities.

I'm not going to do this, but if we were, I could start typing in Windsor. And it's basically going to find all the different areas. You know, I could pretty much just pick a list of the cities I know I'm going to be servicing Add them one at a time. And that will remove the ability to actually need to use a radius. So I do talk to businesses all the time that they just, you know, they can't necessarily serve a full radius, there's areas they don't want to be working in. So this would be how you go about doing that.

So that's really all there is to it to setting up your address. The other thing I do really want to stress is that if you have not verified your profile yet, you do have to make sure this is going to be a good address. It can't be a peel box, or like a UPS Store box or anything like that has to be a physical address that you can receive mail at, and that you can actually receive a postcard to get your business verified. That's really the most important step because if you have an unclaimed listing, that you can't verify you can't get that postcard to your address, then you're never going to have a good opportunity to be able to rank high in the actual local maps.

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