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From Blank Page to Published to Sold: Write, Publish And Make Profits From Your Ebook

Learn how you can turn your ideas into profits through ebook publishing in 7 days or less.

From Blank Page to Published to Sold: Write, Publish And Make Profits From Your Ebook

Learn how you can turn your ideas into profits through ebook publishing in 7 days or less.
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About the Class

Start a profitable ebook publishing business or learn how you can increase your ebook sales by reaching out to more readers.

Find out the steps to take to write your content from scratch, package it into an ebook, top it up with an amazing ebook cover, publish through Amazon Kindle or your website, market to your audience, and voila! Wait for the sales to roll.

And then, do it again if you want to create an ebook publishing business. Or, outsource the ebook creation part, or marketing, or publishing or the least appealing tasks. Find out how to do it smartly to avoid frustrations and, throwing away your time and budget.

Discover simple methods to gain your readers' trust and become an authority in your topic. When you're perceived as an authority, you attract more loyal readers who follow your content and buy products from you.

And learn to do all these, making sure that there are ready buyers waiting for you to publish. Find out the simple things that you need to do at the very beginning, to create lasting sales in the end.

Do you want more people buying your ebook? Will that be interesting to you? You can also learn how to expand your marketing efforts to reach a wider audience who would want to buy your ebooks.

Save time and resources by applying the techniques taught in the lectures, to make your current readers stick and attract new readers.

What else can you do in 7 days?

You can spend the week with the same old results, OR, you can take the course, do your best efforts, and see a breakthrough in your ebook sales.

If you want to make a living from home or any location you like, OR, you want to add income on the side, OR, launch a full-fledged publishing business, this course is where you start.

This course leaves nothing out and teaches you every aspect that you need to do and the tools that you can use to make ebook publishing work for you. It also includes a ready-to-use complete ebook template, checklists, guides, summaries, and printables that will help speed up your learnings as you go and take action.

If you're a beginner, you will learn simple steps and the minimum work to perform to gain market feedback. If you're not new to ebook publishing, there's a lot of room for you to learn to sharpen your content creation and online marketing skills, which can translate into more sales.


M Cachuela

Entrepreneur and Online Teacher
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Hello everyone. My name is M. Cachuela or MC for short. I started my ventures and learning about working online in 2011. I came from 100% academic background and I was always confused about how working online actually works. Teaching here in Tabletwise is one of the best and right decisions that have worked out for me. The fun and fulfillment...

Class Requirements

You only need to have basic English language written skills, a laptop and internet connection, and, most importantly, a desire to turn your ideas into profitable ebooks.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 4 hours 59 minutes
45 Videos
14 Documents
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