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The Fish Master

Learn to create the fish master game with Unity.

The Fish Master

Learn to create the fish master game with Unity.
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About the Class

It's a fun yet simple 2D game that is about catching fishes the better fish it is, the more $$ you make and upgrade your hooking skills so you can catch even rarer fishes to explore the sea.

In this course, you will learn a lot to create one game. If you never made a single game, this course will be of great help as you can proceed to continue your game development journey of making Hyper-Casual Games.

Just check the preview on the first video to see what is the game all about.

Class Requirements

You should have Unity 2018.2.10f1 installed on your PC/Mac.

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What's included in the class?

 11 video lessons
 2 documents

Class Authors

Magic Coding

Game Developer Sensei
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I'm a self-taught indie game developer. Game Development plays a big part in my life and I been loving it since day one. Being a beginner and knowing how hard is it to find good tutorials I decided to create tutorials/courses where I will be teaching you guys the way I wanted to be taught giving you my best knowledge on how to make games.

So TabletWise gave me the opportunity to express my passion for game development and also teaching you guys how fun is it to make games.

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