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You Have Earned a Professional Critique

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Here's my offer to you, if you really are serious about dramatically improving your communication skills, getting out of this sort of beginner stage, and perhaps going quickly, from intermediate to even advanced, you can do it, it really isn't going to take you more than about a half an hour. Here's what I'm going to ask you to do. You already heard me in the previous lecture asked you to practice on video, and to get feedback from others. And be honest, how many of you did that? Not very many, because I've been unsuccessful at persuading people to do that in an online environment. And a real world environment.

I'm very successful because I don't ask I just point the camera at people and they get on camera a dozen times in a day when they're working with me, but I don't have that power over someone in this online environment. So if you really want to be successful at this and get the most out of the training, what I'm going to ask you to do is come up with that video of your best present entation that you love, maybe that you've tested with others, put it on YouTube, and put the URL into the discussion page of this course right now. I promise you, I will watch your video. And I will give you detailed feedback. You've already paid for it when you bought admission to this course it doesn't cost you anything. And this is the kind of thing people pay me a lot of money for, and the real world and the non digital world.

So you might as well take me up on it. Fewer than one out of 1000 of my students do this. So if you want to jump to that in class, get the most out of this course. That's what I'm urging you to do. Give me your don't just do one and read off something that you didn't even look at. That's wasting my time in yours.

I need you to really, really look at it. Do 510 20 maybe 30 takes get to the point where you're convinced you can't do any better. Then post the URL of that video. Do and I will look at it

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