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Super Smoothies to Boost Your Energy and Brighten Your Aura!

Learn how to prepare delicious creamy tasting, non-dairy smoothies, using nature's seasonal ingredients. Discover how supplementing your diet with a rainbow of colors can nourish you and lighten your body's burden of toxicity!

Super Smoothies to Boost Your Energy and Brighten Your Aura!

Learn how to prepare delicious creamy tasting, non-dairy smoothies, using nature's seasonal ingredients. Discover how supplementing your diet with a rainbow of colors can nourish you and lighten your body's burden of toxicity!
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There are many toxins within our environment today which create a "body burden. And if our diets don't include lots of cleansing fruits and vegetables, those toxins build up in our inner ecology system and rob our energy and vitality. Smoothies, which are rich in color, fiber, and phytonutrients, offer the most delicious way to get more fresh foods into our diets that actually have the power to detoxify and regenerate our body's trillions of cells!

Are you ready to make smoothies that taste great, increase your longevity, and raise your energetic vibration?  Here's a sample of the delightful 4-Season smoothie recipes that I show you how to make (on video) in this course:

  1. Frosty Banana Chocolate Chip (Consider this frosty treat a "dessert"!)
  2. Gentle Fig & Mother Grain (Designer nutrition at its best! High in fiber and protein!)
  3. Figgy Cranapple Nut (This one's Autumn splendor in a glass, with "hidden fiber galore!")
  4. Avocado Pineapple Paradise (A smooth summer cocktail for a guest or a road-weary husband)
  5. Strawberry Apple Strudel (Re-hydrated apples make this a creamy treat with a sweet apple crisp flavor!)
  6. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (A Fall treat, for pumpkin lovers!)
  7. Peachy Almond (This one has a fresh fruity flavor with almond undertones, and it protects breast health!) 
  8. Mocha Mint Avocado (I can't get enough of this yummy hormone enhancing treat!)
  9. Nutty Banana Amaranth (Uniquely delicious and super high in potassium and calcium!)
  10. Malaysian Sweet Potato (An orange and coconut flavored delight that'll make your skin glow!)
  11. Gazpacho Tang (A fresh, gently spiced, easy to make "lunch" in a glass!)
  12. Maple Morning Teff (Teff is paired with soaked raisins, bananas, nut butter, and maple syrup in this unique breakfast in a glass!)
  13. Creamy Butterscotch Yam/Cocoa Yam (These scrumptious smoothies have the texture of gourmet puddings!)  

In my course, you'll get my cookbook, 'Super Smoothies-Taste the Nectar of Life!' (PDF format) featuring over 90 delicious non-dairy fruit and vegetable-based smoothies.

  • You'll discover how you can combine fresh, organic fruits and vegetables with dairy-less milk, nuts, seeds, spices, flavorings, wholesome sweeteners, and even accents of pseudo grains such as quinoa, teff, and amaranth!
  • You'll have the opportunity to watch my "Cookbook Chat" video, which gives you a peek inside my book's Table of Contents, and shares some of my recipe faves with you.
  • You'll be inspired by my mini book, -a self-inner-view in which I "deep dish" about the personal and planetary health benefits of drinking smoothies, and share nature's wisdom for eating whole.

Plus you'll get: 

8 Tabletop TUTORS™ Poster/ Placemats are included in this fun cooking package, including: 

  1. Where do your fruits and veggies come from?
  2. Hydrate for health, harmonize with the environment
  3. Eat/ drink your way to a better mood
  4. Why can't I eat dairy?
  5. I'm a health-loving, eco-conscious vegetarian
  6. Savoring nature's liquid sweeteners
  7. Creating a therapeutic meal with color rays that heal
  8. Use your meal to heal, with culinary spices

About the instructors

Candia Lea Cole

The Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle Mentor
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Candia Lea Cole is a widely celebrated author and holistic health educator who supports individuals, families, and wellness edcuatiors in learning about (and teaching others about) eco-intelligent living. Eco-intelligent living is all about creating a lifestyle that serves to integrate your personal health needs with the planet's health needs.

As the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies, Candia has created dozens of educational tools (including whole foods cookbooks, infographics, curriculums, game activities, and Eco-Mentor leadership trainings), that support people in creating a deep and delicious experience of holistic health and well-being. 

Candia Lea's journey to eco-intelligent living began during her teenage years when she found herself dealing with a number of serious health challenges that allopathic medical doctors didn't have the expertise to diagnose or treat.  As a result, she embarked on a self-healing journey that led her to learn about alternative medicine and the natural healing arts.

Through the course of her studies, she realized that her health challenges, --caused in large part, by her exposure to toxins (both n the womb, and outside of it) were a mirror reflection of the Earth's health challenges. She made the decision to adopt a clean, green, organic lifestyle, ---one that would detoxify and rejuevinate her body, as well as the Earth's terrestrial body.   

If you're ready to awaken your innate eco-intelligence, and if you're seeking a kind, heart-centered mentor, Candia is for you! She beleives in meeting people where they are at on their life journeys, and doesn't impose hard rules on them or insist that there is only one diet, or one healing path to follow for optimal health. Health, she says, "is a process of discovering your authentic needs, and using your awareness of them to become more whole."      

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