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Welcome to our shopping tips and cooking techniques masterclass with your hosts myself, Dr. Vincent Esposito and Dr. Kelly Olsen. This course includes our best guidelines for getting started, which is chock full of our very best health tips and tricks. It covers everything you need to get started with a solid foundation from changing your perspective to modifying behaviors to the basics of eating real foods, and avoiding the common offenders to hacking your sleep and picking the right proteins. When it comes to creating your new best health habits. We cover it all here. This course also includes our doctor approved shopping list.

So are you confused in the vegetable aisle about what to get? Are you unsure of which oil you should be swapping out for cooking are easy to take with you guide to food shopping will be your go to reference when grabbing your groceries with everything from protein to flour to the best spice options. This course include cludes our shopping tips and cooking techniques These are our best tips and tricks for the kitchen. In this section we cover the basics of food prep, shopping smart, and the skinny on cooking techniques we use everyday with our own patience and practice. This course contains our bonus animal products, fats, an insulin, all fats are not created equal. And the right fats are essential for you feeling and looking your best.

When it comes to animal products, knowing what to grab and what to say no to is the difference between giving your body quality protein to work with and adding flame to the fire of inflammation. And the problem with inflammation is it is the BFF of disease. We also break down how all this affects your blood sugar and things like insulin. This course includes our bonus on pesticides, additives and sugar so I'm sure you've heard all these things are bad, but do you have any idea why? Well, good idea to take a seat and listen to this We'll break it down and explain what you can do about it.

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