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BONUS DAY! Always Do Your Best

9 minutes
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Good morning, guys. I have a bonus tip for you. I decided that I had to be on topic two. So today we're gonna talk about always doing your best. And sometimes that means going above and beyond. And I felt like you know what?

To do that I'll give you a bonus today. And you can take it or leave it but at least you have it available to you. So we're actually going to do the very similar thing that we've been doing before and we'll start with our deep breaths and we'll go from there and I'll tell you all about our bonus day. Ready? Okay. Take some deep breaths.

Good. All right. So today is about always doing your best. And I just I like this topic a lot, because it is such an important thing that we always do our best. And you know that you are the kind of person who is wanting to do a detox and you were the baby tivity in your life, and you're wanting to power your body, you're wanting to have your best mindset every single day. So of course, you're going to be someone who always wants to do your best as well.

I believe in you have that. So, here's the thing. Let's you know, let's just First of all, just take it out. I just feel like we need kind of energizing way to get started today. So we're just going to kind of loose in Atlanta. It can be a little faster or whatever you need, but I'm just kind of listening.

I'm getting ready. Here we go. Okay, so we're gonna just kind of purposely Alright, right. So here's the interesting thing about always doing your best. First of all, you always have a ton of respect and admiration from others in your life, which is a nice bonus. But it also means that you get to avoid all the negative feelings that can creep up during the day because you know that you are always doing your best in every circumstance.

In every conversation. In every relationship, if you know you're trying, you're always trying to do your best and you get to the end of your day and maybe some things weren't quite satisfactory factories you would have wanted to if you know the unit, you're Fast that day, you can avoid all the negative associations with regret, guilt. I'm not enough I should have done x. I didn't blah blah. Because you know, you know what? Maybe things didn't go perfectly when do they ever maybe things didn't go perfectly but I at least know that I did my best today and I'm going to do my best again tomorrow. And you know what, here's the interesting thing to your mess was different every single day.

So on the days where you are feeling fired up, ready to go, had a good night please. You done your mindset morning. routine, you worked out maybe you had a great cup of coffee, whatever it is that works for you. If you are ready to tackle the day, then your best is going to be super energized, super overachieving. Super ready to go. That we're going to be every day days, you're going to be sick, right?

Or you're gonna wake up with a headache or whatever it is. And so you're not going to feel your best. And then when you don't feel your best, you are going to have the same ability level that you do when you're feeling just dandy, right? So it's really important to realize that on other days, when you're not feeling as physically good or as mentally good, whatever it is, you can still choose to do your best under those circumstances. I'm going to actually angled directly towards midnight you go down this time as opposed to curving. And so those are all things that you get to do.

So on a day where you don't feel very good, maybe your bedroom is getting out of bed, is you know, going for a walk to help relieve some stress or something. Maybe doing your best That day is actually staying home. And we think and taking care of yourself, you know, it's going to look different every single day for you. But if you know that you are always embracing the day and the challenge to do your best, then again, you can avoid all of those negative things that we've just detox from. So it's a really fun thing to do. Actually, going above and beyond is always a delightful trait in a person.

And it really helps. It really helps me you have those days that don't go the way you wanted. And you think, Oh my gosh, oh, my God. And then you realize, you know what, this is a survey. I'm gonna do my best in this circumstance. I know I did my best today.

And so that's, that's just what it's gonna be. Me, right. And you just continue to move on. That's, that's great. That is great. So remember there are two ways you can do this.

You can stack these like this. really straightforward. You can have artha you can have a twist going on to one side or another. I'm just going to keep my hands on my feet but whatever works for you is fine. And then so, let's talk about some affirmations. Okay, here we are.

I always do my best. I do my best every day, knowing that it looks different every day. I am a capable person. I am someone who Above and beyond. I am a dreamer, hard worker. I am an achiever.

I am as I always do like that every single day. Okay. Here's your challenge. final challenge. Oh my gosh, you guys made it. Good job.

So there I gave you your document. But what I want you to do is start taking active steps every single day to do your best. And again, it's been a little different, a different So some days, it's gonna feel very natural, very easy to do. And other days, it's gonna feel like a chore. But when you go through life, approaching every situation with all the things that we've talked about, maybe with mindset and growth mindset, and leaving times the past and focusing on the future and all of the things that we've talked about, and then on top of that, just a little icing on the cake. And you know that you're doing your best every day, and that people look different every day.

That is the best feeling. And then you avoid the negative things that you just detox from. Right? So I just encourage you to go through your day today, thinking about how can I encourage situations conversation as my best self How can I do my best? And then do it? Yeah.

Well, you did it. You made it through a bonus day. Oh my gosh, good job. And please watch the ending videos to kind of have a final wrap up. But I so appreciate you joining me on this journey and I am so proud of you. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

How are you feeling? I understand. I understand. Like I said many times it is a process it is a challenge and you embrace it and ran with it. And gotten done. 22 days, man.

All right. Keep exploring.

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