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Welcome technique three cold hookups. When under stress, the body goes through a series of psychological changes, activating the fight and flight response the back brain, whereby energy is mobilized to the arms and the legs. hookups draws attention back to the cold postural awareness, creating balance again and bringing blood flow back to the front of the brain. part two of this technique is a metaphor for connecting the right and the left hemispheres of the brain, and getting them to work together as an integrated state of being hooked up stress in the body's electrical system, especially in environments that contain computers. Watching TV and condition. So let's begin and I'll demonstrate this technique.

There's two parts to this. One is crossing one leg over the other breach Crossing the arms together. It isn't too difficult and you may have some shoulder and wrist problems. The second part you could do is just bringing the arms like this. Let's go back to the original pallets with us, bringing clasping the hands and arms and bringing it up close to the chest. I want you to put the tongue on the top of the roof.

I don't want you to stand here, visualize position and break embrace for that to happen. As you're doing these exercises, your whole body will start to drop. In Touch, relax, your shoulders may drop down and your breathing. Strengthen As I said you can do the sitting line. The second part of this exercise is bringing unlocking legs, unlocking the hands and bringing five hands together metaphysically bringing the left and the right hemisphere of the brain together on the top of the mouse and this is called the exercise you can brace for about 30 seconds and the first half of the exercise for about two minutes. He says a wonderful unwinding effect in the body.

A calming effect helps to bring down an overly stressed section of body weight balanced

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