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Switching on The Brain

2 minutes
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Welcome. Technique one is called switching on the brain. If the brain is not functioning as a holiday, each stage is unable to communicate with the body, the feedback will be inaccurate, and the brain will create tendencies to feel confused. Lack of cyclists you might have coordination issues, and you may feel dyslexic. So I'm going to demonstrate a three part exercise called switching of the brain, it's going to be switching on three components of the dimensional realities of the brain. So the first part of the exercise is we're going to be putting the hand the navel, going to be using the thumb and the fingers.

And we're going to rub the top of the lip and the bottom of the lid. Why would hold this here, we're going to keep the top of the bottom with a good route. These points are like acupuncture points, and all this information is in your manual. So we're going to specify that pendulum can be nice plates and good little rock That's the first part of the exercise must be done in order. The second part is kicking the head on. We got to bring the heads down the chain to find the points under the collarbone.

Just underneath and we got to get these points up, they can often be quite tender. So just rubbing them out. All the information can be found in your manual. And again, the easiest way to find these points come down the next time. The third part of the exercises again, putting the hands on the table, we're going to use the opposite hand and we're going to rub the tailbone. abstention idle an opposite hand again to the telephone You can do this exercise standing team online and they have an integrated database

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