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Storytelling in the Digital Age: 1 Hour Super course

Gain knowledge about presenting, writing, selling, editing. Learn fast and practical strategies to increase your engagement, connection, and success.

Storytelling in the Digital Age: 1 Hour Super course

Gain knowledge about presenting, writing, selling, editing. Learn fast and practical strategies to increase your engagement, connection, and success.
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About the Class

It doesn't matter what storytelling medium you're trying to improve, if you aren't taking into account how digital media has compressed our consumption habits, then your skills may need an update. 

Storytelling in the digital age takes into consideration how audiences have come to expect their stories, and data proves it. And it doesn't matter if your storytelling isn't ultimately be featured on a digital platform. I've created podcasts, overseen hundreds of projects for digital platforms as well as feature-length documentaries. I used these same methods to train my staff at digital media empire Uproxx and helped win numerous studio awards for excellence in storytelling.

Whether you work in digital, are trying to write a book, finish a screenplay, or speak in public better, this course is designed to increase your engagement, help connect with audiences, and leave them captivated through your stories. It's only an hour-long, so it's by no means comprehensive, but I've found it only takes an hour to communicate the main strengths that apply to all storytelling. These simple methods have helped me sell ideas, create work that's won film festivals, earning Emmy nominations, and secure Netflix distribution for the work I've made. This course will be different than any course you may have taken on storytelling for starters.

Note: I said "better" - that might mean just one lesson resonates with you, or a new way of understanding tension helps in your storytelling - I don't promise you'll be able to write count of monte Cristo after watching this, but I do believe it will make you even just a little bit better. I've learned to condense a lot of practical tools in a short amount of time. It doesn't matter if you're someone who doesn't consider themselves creative. I've used this course at universities to impart storytelling tools to find greater success.

Why should I care about being a better storyteller? 

Being an effective storyteller increases your ability to connect with others. Whether among your friends, your coworkers, or those you want in your circle, you can inspire and draw the world in with a great story. It also shifts your perspective on how you experience and enjoy the world, creating rich memories that benefit you for the rest of your life. 

What will you learn in this course?

No matter where you're starting from storytelling can help you in the following mediums: 

  • Filmmaking and videography - editing, directing, screenwriting
  • Branded video content
  • Podcast creation
  • Creative writing and screenwriting
  • Pitching and selling ideas
  • Presenting
  • Toasts and Speeches
  • Public speaking
  • Interviewing and making a good first impression
  • This course is for anyone, no matter where you're starting from.
  • Being better on first dates (seriously, do it through the story)

I'm a passionate storyteller, and I aim to help improve your ability to connect and inspire in the quickest amount of time.



Matt Livadary

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Class Requirements

A desire to be a better storyteller, more effective leader or increase engagement and connection with those around you. 

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 50 minutes
15 Videos
3 Documents
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