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Public Speaking for Success

Learn to become an effective and authoritative communicator to enhance and advance your career and business opportunities.

Public Speaking for Success

Learn to become an effective and authoritative communicator to enhance and advance your career and business opportunities.
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About the Class

How often have you attended a business event only to find that the presenter is nervous, ill-prepared, or downright boring? How often have you been thrust in front of an audience and asked to present a speech, conduct a business workshop or seminar, or a sales pitch to a potential customer?

Do you fear to have to stand up and speak in public? Would you like to overcome your fear of public speaking? What would you give to be a confident, imaginative, inspiring public speaker, able to capture the imagination and motivate your audience, or turn a prospect into a customer?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, or you realize that good public speaking is a key to business and career success, then this course is for you.

This course includes 19 video modules, and with the assistance of my three associates, we will take you through, entertainingly and engagingly, the following six steps to becoming an accomplished public speaker.

Part 1 - My fears

Most people will have fears when required to speak in public – we understand that. We look at these fears, and we will show you how you can overcome them.

Part 2 - My purpose

You need to have a purpose when you speak, and we will look at how you can convert this into the beginnings of a speech or presentation.

Part 3 - My speech

This part is all about the speech itself – how you structure it, how you write it, and how you target it at your audience.

Part 4 - My speaking

So you are standing up there with your speech in your hand, looking at your audience. This part is all about how you deliver the speech and make it a success.

Part 5 - My audience

You will not be speaking to yourself, so you will need to have some idea about the differences between speaking to an audience and social conversation. These are the people you will need to persuade. What are they like? How do you gain rapport?

Part 6 - My practical speaking

For business, speaking in public is a practical skill - you will need to give presentations, speak 'off the cuff', take part in meetings, and try to persuade others. Here we show you the way it is done.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Public speaking
  • Presentation
  • Delivering speeches and key messages
  • Engaging audiences
  • Persuading

Who should take this course?

Anyone who has concerns about public speaking and would want to know how to handle the various skills and problems.

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What's included in the class?

 19 video lessons
 19 documents

Class Authors

Peter Sinnott

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Peter Sinnott is a professional Business Coach and uses the skills of Public Speaking to achieve business success.  As a Business Coach, he has worked with over 100 business owners over the past 10 years helping them to maximise the performance of their businesses and achieve their goals & ambitions.

As a Public Speaker Peter has used his skills to further his own business opportunities and while running a large telecommunications company in West Africa made regular appearances on TV & radio, and attended press conferences with political figures.

Peter was the President of his local Speakers Club in England and developed a Public Speaking course, which he delivered to both business people and others who aspired to improve their communication skills.  This led to Peter creating an online e-learning course in Public Speaking and the formation of his business Speech Direct. 

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