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Business English: Essential Marketing Vocabulary

Improve your English fluency and proficiency with important business vocabulary and phrases.

Business English: Essential Marketing Vocabulary

Improve your English fluency and proficiency with important business vocabulary and phrases.
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About the Class

This course will boost your ability to pronounce, understand, and use essential marketing and advertising phrases.

Each lesson targets one (1) marketing phrase in three (3) parts:

  • Phrase Definition - We explore the lengthy official definition of each phrase and give you a simplified meaning, which is easier to understand.
  • Pronunciation Practice - We break each marketing phrase into parts and practice each syllable to guarantee correct pronunciation.
  • Conversation Examples - We use multiple conversation examples so that you can see each marketing phrase in action.

Three levels of listening comprehension tests

  • After we learn, pronounce, and practice the phrases, we’ll test your listening comprehension with three (3) levels of difficulty.
  • With four (4) sections of marketing phrases, three (3) tests per section, and ten (10) questions per test, that's one hundred and twenty (120) questions.
Who should take this course:
  • Business professionals working in multinational companies.
  • Non-native English speakers looking to improve their business English pronunciation.
  • Intermediate-level English as a second language students.
  • Students improving their English to become more valuable in their future business careers.

Be more confident using English marketing phrases.

  • Whether you use business English locally or internationally, this course will make you more confident using, pronouncing, and understanding essential marketing vocabulary and phrases.

Class Requirements

  • You should have a desire to improve your business English pronunciation and communication skills
  • You should have a desire to be more competent with essential marketing phrases and vocabulary
  • You should have pre-intermediate or higher level of English
  • You should have a computer, tablet, or smartphone
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What's included in the class?

 54 video lessons

Class Authors

Michael Honkanen

Managing Director at Able Lingo | Improve your English. Become more Valuable.
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My students tell me again and again that they wish to improve their communication skills and ability to speak fluently in English. That's why I created Able Lingo. My goal is to make YOU more valuable by improving your ability to use the English language effectively. At Able Lingo, we do NOT focus on memorizing grammar rules. Your previous English teachers probably taught you a lot of grammar rules. Now, it's time to put that knowledge to use and learn to speak effectively!

As your English fluency improves, your confidence grows. As your confidence grows, your world and possibilities expand. A higher level of English will create personal and professional opportunities in your life. What an exciting journey! Improve your English. Become more valuable. Follow us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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