"mobile optimization"

3 minutes
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Mobile optimization is the process of guaranteeing that visitors who access your website from mobile devices can use read and navigate without difficulty in an enjoyable manner. In other words, mobile optimization is designing your website so it's easy to use on phones and tablets. Let's break the phrase mobile optimization into syllables into two parts. The first part mo sounds like the M o sound in the words motion mogul Sumo The second part bowl sounds like the bl, e sound in the words trouble stable table. The third part up sounds like the O p sound in the words optic OPT option. The fourth part two sounds like the t sound in the words tick tip 10.

The fifth part may sounds like the M sound, in the words MIT middle mints. The sixth part is a sounds like the z sound plus the A y sound of the word k z. The seventh part tion sounds like the t i o n sound in the words fiction station diction. Now repeat after me. Mo bowl up t Mei z tion Mambo up te Mei z tion mobile optimization mobile optimization We're losing a lot of potential customers, because we still haven't embraced mobile optimization. If this company doesn't choose mobile optimization for its services soon, I may quit.

If done well, mobile optimization can really enhance the customer experience and promote our business. If done poorly, mobile optimization can really hurt the customer experience and cause a lot of headaches.

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