“competitive advantage”

3 minutes
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A competitive advantage is a business's ability to produce a good or service more efficiently than its competitors, enabling the company to obtain greater profit margins. In other words, a competitive advantage is doing something better than your competition and you make more money. Let's break the phrase competitive advantage into syllables in two parts. The first part come sounds like the word come in rhymes with some and home. The second part Pet Sounds like The word pet and rhymes with get and set. The third part it sounds like the eye sound in the words it and hit the fourth part tiv sounds like the T, V sound, in the words active and motive.

The fifth part ad sounds like the word ad and rhymes with bad and read. The sixth part van sounds like the word ban and rhymes with can and man. The seventh part Ted sounds like the t a g sound in the words posted and outage. Now repeat after me competitive advantage, competitive advantage, competing competitive advantage. competitive advantage we might gain a huge competitive advantage if we can secure that military contract. Right.

The last company that landed a similar contract had the greatest competitive advantage I've ever seen. See To find all the workers, our competitive advantage has completely disappeared. Don't worry, our competitive advantage will come back once I find new employees

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