"behavior pattern"

3 minutes
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A behavior pattern is a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation. In other words, a behavior pattern is a continuous and predictable way that people act when something happens. Let's break the phrase behavior pattern into syllables into parts. The first part B sounds like the word B and rhymes with me. And he. The second part Hey, Dave, sounds like the HA V sound in the words haven.

And behave. The third part your sounds like the i O our sound in the words Savior and Jr. The fourth part pad sounds like the Word Pad in rhymes with the words mad and had the fifth part turn sounds like the word turn and rhymes with burn and learn. Now repeat after me. b havior pad Dern b havior pattern behavior pattern behavior pattern. Their behavior pattern was very consistent with what the data showed.

I know it's great. They're predictable behavior pattern allowed us to make millions of dollars. We should change our behavior pattern, or our competitors will know how we operate. The economy is so bad right now that I doubt our competition is worried about our behavior pattern.

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