"lifestyle segmentation"

3 minutes
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Lifestyle segmentation is a business practice that divides and categorizes information about customers into subgroups. The goal is to figure out how the customers live. So you can learn what these people need, what they desire and what they hope to get from your company. In other words, lifestyle segmentation is identifying, learning about and grouping customers by their specific desires and needs. Let's break the phrase lifestyle segmentation into syllables in two parts. The first part of Life sounds like the word life and rhymes with wife and rife.

The second part style sounds like the word style and rhymes with the words pile and mile. The third part StG sounds like the s eg sound in the words segue and segregate. The fourth part men sounds like the M e n sound in the words mental menthol mend. The fifth part Tei sounds like a t a sound in the words table, taper and taser. The sixth part tion sounds like a t i o n sound in the words lotion. ration nation now repeat after me.

Life style SIG men tape shun lifestyle segmentation lifestyle segmentation lifestyle segmentation. lifestyle segmentation is an effective way for us to identify unify which customers we can serve best. Right? lifestyle segmentation can also help our customer loyalty and boost customer satisfaction. At my last job, our specialized in lifestyle segmentation and brought our company into the 21st century. Wow, that's great.

What do you think about being head of our lifestyle segmentation research team

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