"drip marketing"

3 minutes
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Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends or drips a pre prepared set of messages to customers or leads over time. The most common form of drip marketing is email newsletters, postcards, and social networks. In other words, drip marketing is sending promotions to customers over time, little by little. Let's break the phrase drip marketing into syllables in two parts. The first part drip sounds like the word drip and rhyme With trip and nip the second part Mar sounds like the MA are sound in the words marvelous, Martian and Marlin. The third part cat sounds like the k e t sound in the words must get blanket and junk it.

The fourth part in sounds like the i n g sound in the words bring, fling and ding now repeat after me drip Mar kit in drip Mar kit in drip marketing, drip marketing. If we use drip marketing now, it may be too late. Our new product launches tomorrow. Maybe we can use drip marketing to inform our customers about the product after the lunch. Drip marketing has accounted for about 35% of our yearly sales. We love it and we'll do more.

When our looked at the records, it was more like 15% which drip marketing campaign Are you referring to?

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