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About the Class

Digital marketing has taken over your business and how it allowed business owners and brands to be found very easily and affordable. In the modern business landscape, a healthy online presence is a must for companies and brands large and small. In this course, instructor Ebonie Caldwell shares a set of quick tips for marketing your business online. Ebonie shows how to manage a posting schedule and decide what-and where-you should post. Learn how to engage influencers and brand advocates, grow your brand, craft the perfect press release, message, boost your website, and business to be found organically throughout the search engines. Learn how to reach and engage, get more Instagram followers, and more on social media. Along the way, she shares tricks for making your processes smooth and easy.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learn how to promote your business effectively online and develop a targeted online marketing strategy that engages potential customers throughout the digital landscape.
  • Today's digital marketing techniques in simple terms, demonstrating how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, and display.
  • This course will teach you how to get the most out of SEO.
  • See how to connect with communities on the leading social networks, learn best practices for developing and distributing video marketing content, and find out what makes an email marketing campaign successful.
  • This course also covers content marketing and print marketing as to how they work in conjunction with one another.

Upon completing this online digital marketing university course, you'll be equipped with skills and strategies that can help you navigate today's online landscape and develop a smart plan of action and marketing strategy overnight.


Real Estate Training, Coaching And Marketing Guru

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Ebonie Caldwell is a Author, Real Estate Trainer, Real Estate Mentor, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Managing Broker and Business Broker, that specialize in rehab properties, large portfolio's, commercial properties and the sell of businesses. Ebonie Caldwell is a seasoned investor with over 20 years in the real estate investing, rehabbing,...

Class Requirements

Students must be prepared to navigate websites that are given in the courses to learn the benefits they provide for their business.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 7 hours 56 minutes
32 Videos
3 Documents
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