Journey Through The Forest: Manifesting Authentic Desire For Modern Life

"It's not about the pursuit of happiness, it's about the happiness of pursuit." - Alan Watts

Journey Through The Forest: Manifesting Authentic Desire For Modern Life

"It's not about the pursuit of happiness, it's about the happiness of pursuit." - Alan Watts
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About the Class

Navigating modern life isn't easy. 

It seems we're always being challenged by something. We try to make sense of our lives and what actions to take, whilst at the mercy of conflicting thoughts, emotions, and desires.

Then there are the times where we actually ARE happy, but the feeling disappears and we don't know how to get it back.

If this ever happens to you then you're not alone.

The problem in life is that we don't know how to navigate and transform our experience of life when we need to the most.  

Basically, we don't get to feel what we want to feel when we want to feel it! 

Our inability to do that means we end up living our life from a place of frustration, emptiness, and confusion. We make life choices based on fear, guilt, shame, and stress instead of what we do want to feel. This affects our experience with money, relationships, career, health, and sex. Then over time, we stop feeling and we become comfortably numb.  

However, if you don't want this to happen to you, I have good news.

All you need is techniques and simple daily practice and life will suddenly start to look and feel very different. 

This is why I have created “Journey Through The Forest” so you can learn the techniques I practice and use every day. The same techniques I teach my coaching clients so you too can develop your awareness and vision, navigate your mind, your emotions, your desire, and transform it into the experience you want to have, and then actually find liberation in your life, able to meet anything that life throws at you on your terms.

This program is for you if you're ready to learn tools and techniques to deal with stress, anxiety, and fear and you want to develop a practice to help you navigate your emotions and connect you with what you really want to feel in your life.

The program is broken down into four modules, 12 meditations, four videos, and four short workbooks. All of these practices have developed out of third eye and tantra based meditation practices. 

Module One: understand how to work with the 3rd eye to develop awareness and navigate your experience and have more clarity, focus, and insight.

Module Two: Learn and practice the principles of navigating and healing emotional pain. 

Module Three: The three things you need to begin transforming your experience of life.

Module Four: Putting it all together to start manifesting the experience you want in your life and have the ability to meet life on your terms. 

Free Bonus #1:  As an added bonus to the course, you can join my private member's group where you can share your experiences and get support through your process. 

Free Bonus #2: The SECRET OF POWER: a 5000-word essay that redefines our relationship to power, control, surrender, freedom, will power, and the structures and systems around us that we can harness in our life.

Free Bonus #3: THE FIVE LIMITS: Beyond The Labyrinth - A free 10 thousand word e-book on the limits we face in our experience of life.


Scott Murden

I teach tools to find clarity, harmony, and awakening in your life, despite the adversity you face.
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Scott is a meditation based life coach and past life regression practitioner with over 10 years experience who is passionate about helping modern professionals that feel disconnected from what they do and who they really are to live their life from a place of clarity, harmony, connection and excitement. Since 1996, Scott has developed a deep...

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 53 minutes
5 Videos
12 Audio Files
7 Documents
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