Being ALONE is a Great Advantage

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Being alone does NOT mean lonely


Welcome back. Are you alone? Are you so low? That is great. People often think that being alone is sad. Oh, it's lonely.

No, it's not. There are so many advantages. And now I want you to focus on the advantages. Traveling solo, being alone abroad. You have all the freedom that you want. You can go anywhere, anytime, whenever you feel like it.

You don't have to ask anybody. You don't have to have somebody wait for you. You don't have to explain something. You do whatever you want to do. You go wherever you want to go. You make the decisions.

That is amazing when you're alone. Also, when you need a space somewhere or in a restaurant, Or in a cafe or you just, you just need one space. So much easier. You want to go to somebody's house, you want to go and do an activity, all you need is one space. So much easier than with the group or with several people or, or even two. But the biggest advantage is that you get to meet more people, and so much easier.

Think about it. You are at the airport, you're sitting there alone, you're observing people. Somebody will start talking to you who is also alone, or you start a conversation with somebody who's also alone. Would you do that with a couple talking to each other? No, you wouldn't. You see couples stick together.

Groups of friends stick together they mingle amongst amongst each other. When you're alone, you're open to talk to other people easily. It's just for some reason I make the best connections when I alone. I have just wrapped an Italian, a typical Italian. This is Sergio. Yes.

Hi Sergio. I just want to know from you, you're a typical Italian. We are now in a city of lecture. When it comes down to meeting locals, for example, people would love to help you because they care alone. If you're in a group or in a couple, it's just not the same. So cherish the fact that you are alone and enjoy it because it has so many advantages.

People will help you people will support you. People will connect with you. You can connect to people easier when you are alone. Really. So think about all the advantages and never have those other thoughts. No, no.


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