How to Select Your TRIBE

3 minutes
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Welcome back. In this module, we're talking about mindset. But I want to have a word about choosing your tribe. What do I mean by choosing your tribe? You see, in my opinion, there's two big categories of people. The first kind of people are the ones that take away your energy.

Second kind of people are the ones that lift you up and give you a lot of energy. What's the real difference? The people who take away your energy are those that when you move abroad, especially, of course also at home, but when you move abroad, they will ask you a ton of questions. Are you sure about what you did? Did you choose the right country? You know, it's so much better back home You should come back.

How are you going to drive? How are you going to find your way around? Who are you you what's going to happen if if something happens to you and where are you going to go and and suddenly you start getting all these doubts in your head and all these questions come up and you start hesitating about your decision about yourself about everything and really Your energy goes down, your motivation goes down, your inspiration is pretty much gone when you constantly are surrounded by those kinds of people. On the other hand, the second category are the ones that lift you up. No matter what you do, they will motivate you. They will give you energy, they will inspire you.

They believe in you. They will not ask you a ton of questions. No, they will help you brainstorm for solutions and give you ideas and trust you that you did make the right decision. And if you feel down, they will say Oh, come on, Rachel. It's okay. You get there.

Just continue move on. If you need them, you can call them and they just really give you a lot of energy. Those are the people that I choose to surround myself with. And that's what it is. That's the secret. I set the word choose because it's a choice that you make.

I know it sounds simple and easy, but in fact it is. It's a choice that you make and it took me time it took me time to learn realize those are people I want to spend less time with. And those are the people I want to spend more time with, because I get so much happier and so much more motivation when I surround myself by the right kind of people. And yes, it means saying no to some people, when you were invited by people or people saying, Oh, you should come over more often, unless and coupled with me, Well, sometimes you don't feel like it. Because you are abroad, you're in a foreign country, you know, you have things to do, and you have to choose for yourself. And remember when I talked to you about self care and taking care of your own self First, it also means saying, No, when something is not feeling right for you, when you don't want to go out and you don't want to go to above, it's okay to say no.

Is it easy, it takes effort, like anything, it's like meeting people, it takes effort. But choosing your tribe is so important, especially when you're abroad. It's important for everyone anywhere in the world, especially when you're abroad. You choose the people to believe in you and the more and more you Select those kind of people, the better you will feel, and the more you will succeed, especially abroad, but if you surround yourself with all the people that just asked you the kind of questions that really don't make you feel good, it's your choice. It is all that it is. It's your choice.

So choose right choose your tribe that give you energy and make you stay abroad successful because you want to be happy, don't you? See you in the next lecture.

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