Meet People While Getting a New Look

1 minutes
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Other ways that you can meet people is for example, being at the hairdresser where I'm sitting right now, you go a little bit earlier to your appointment and you just talk to other people that are sitting there with you in a waiting room, you know, simple questions like, hey, do you live in a neighborhood? Are you from here? I'm actually very new. I just came from abroad, and I don't know anyone or anything here. Maybe you can give me some advice, suggestions. Where should I go?

Where should I buy my groceries? It doesn't matter. Just start a conversation. And now I'm in a waiting room from the hairdresser. It could be the doctors, the dentist, the physical therapist, massage therapist, it really doesn't matter anywhere you go. Start a simple conversation.

And you will see that very often people open up people want to be talked to so why don't we give a try. It's really easy, really simple. You just have to put a little bit of effort into it, but the reward is worth it.

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