Friendfluence is crucial

2 minutes
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For influence, what does that mean? For influence is used in psychology, and that just shows how important it is to have friends in your life important for the happiness of your life. Why friends are a source of support through good and through bad friends, our source of inspiration, friends will motivate you. If you choose your friends that belong to your tribe, which I will talk to you about later on. Friends will help you prioritize will help you organize your thoughts and behaviors. Yeah, I have a lot of goals and I want to do that and I won't do that but I don't know and I don't have time.

I know you're stressed friends can help you with that. They will say Wait, do this first and then that you can have a brainstorm session with them. Friends are really a great help and It's also a way to feel less lonely, loneliness something many people struggle with. And loneliness can lead to depression or, well, let's not go into that. But really friends, people around you people that support you people that help you people that will give you more friends, because usually you become friends with friends from friends, right? Anyway, friendship ends really important.

So if you're convinced now that friends are important, you're going to say, Well, how do I get friends? Well, it all starts with meeting people. It can be someone in a pub, or someone in the supermarket or someone at the gym, meeting people, that's where it starts starting with a conversation, talk to people and relationships evolve, relationships evolve and you become friends after a while and that is what this whole course is about. So let's Let's dive in and see how you can meet people easily

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