Who is Rachel and why this course.

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Welcome back. So you may wonder, okay, who is Rachel? And why am I doing all of this? Because I've been there over and over again. I've moved to different countries for the past many years. And I've experienced a lot of stress, a lot of overwhelm, a lot of self doubt, a lot of confusion, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unfamiliarity, and a lot of things that I've learned.

And most of all, I've learned to transform all of the challenges into opportunities, and I've learned to adapt and adjust and feel good abroad, and excited about feeling abroad. And that's what I want you to feel as well. And it doesn't have to take long. I see so many people that take months, even years and still don't really feel good and feel home. Why, why it's not needed. It's a lifetime experience you should really enjoy.

So I want you to know everything that I I've learned and with the right steps in the right order, it's easy. It will save you time and money and don't worry, okay, because it is an adventure, and you will have to discover a lot of things on your own. So did I. But with everything I've learned, it can be so much faster. So that's what I want to share with you. Other than that I've written about living abroad successfully.

I've written another book about awaken your confidence. I've written other books, I've done two TEDx talks. I'm teaching cultural competence and cultural differences. And yeah, I keep moving abroad because I love it and it's exciting. And of course, there are challenges, but the opportunities are way bigger. So let's dive into your amazing journey.

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